The King is Dead!

American TV and radio host Larry King died yesterday at age 87. He had been a fixture particularly on TV for at least half a century.

He’s well-known for his laid back demeanor in interviewing guests with simple yet open-ended questions as well as making the guests feel comfortable to the point of revealing themselves easily.

He always believed that the guests are the focus and not him.

He had survived many personal as well as medical setbacks which made me think at times that he is either invincible or immortal.

I will always remember him with his wide forehead, pipe ,eyeglasses and suspenders.

I can see his suspenders hung up now in his memory.

Thank you ,Mr. King for enlightening as well as entertaining us through the years.


  1. Jo said:

    A heartfelt tribute. ❤️

  2. Jiya said:

    A wonderful tribute, and veyr nicely written
    Extremely nicely written!!
    I can see u hv loads of followers, even me and my team of 8th graders have started a blog too. Me and my team are sharing our opinion on many topics and as children in some blogs are even trying to make a change so whoever is reading this please go to 👉🏻 read, like, follow and get more!!

    • Thank you so much for the feedback. Glad that it helped you further in your blogging. Enjoy the literary journey!

  3. Larry King was an excellent, aggressive interviewer who delved deeply into many political matters of his time. I look forward to seeing a similar personality emerge and continue where Larry left off, to tackle growing political complexities of today, as genuinely as Larry did. Great post Josie!

  4. He will always be remembered with great fondness. He was a favorite of mine as well.

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