Tiger Woods’ Resurrection 2.0

After going over the news yesterday of golf legend Tiger Woods’ miraculous survival of that horrendous vehicular accident in California, I felt that Tiger once again was resurrected from almost imminent death.

I wrote a blog on April 15,2019–The Return of Tiger Woods–after he won the Masters Golf Tournament in that year.

Once again, folks are wondering and talking whether Tiger can ever make a comeback to golf.

In my opinion, considering the extent of his physical injuries which has yet to be determined as the days go by as well as his subsequent rehabilitation and recovery, the golf comeback will be answered eventually.

One should also observe how Tiger ‘s mindset would be by that time . Based on all the previous reports that I have read about his tenacity and resilience, frankly, I would not count him out yet.

One thing’s for sure. He already made a comeback right now—from the jaws of apparent death. It is a sign that his work here in life is still not done yet. Whether it is golf-related or not, I feel that he has nothing else to prove. His golf legacy is already secure.

Perhaps, it is a sign that after this accident, he has to work on another legacy for everybody—golf -related or not–but definitely to show everyone that life goes on, as long as there is life ,there is hope.

I am cheering Tiger on! Resurrection 2.0 has just been turbocharged. YAY!!!


  1. He seems to be a born survivor, so good luck to him!

    • He will fight back. Even if he no longer plays golf, he will still be a great golf mentor. Right now, I am sure that he will fight on because his kids still need him.

  2. So good that he has returned. I noticed that he is training his son to become a pro!

    • Yes, but all the more, he will try to hang on because his kids want him around. As to his son, like father,like son.

  3. His resilience and survival skills are indeed remarkable

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