Monthly Archives: June 2021

Yesterday was June 24,2021Quebec Day in the Canadian province of Quebec. It was also the Feast Day of ST. John the Baptist.

As Quebecers were celebrating their provincial holiday, it became a double celebration when their beloved hockey team–the Montreal Canadiens won the semifinal playoffs in the National Hockey League(NHL) to become a contender for the biggest hockey prize- Lord Stanley’s Cup.

It cannot get any better than this—considering that hockey is a revered sport in Canadian sport culture. Anywhere in the world, anybody knows that hockey is king here in Canada.

The Montreal Canadiens from the get-go in this series had gone through a lot of setbacks on their Stanley Cup journey but was able to survive it and even became much stronger in the process. Add to this the reality of adjusting to the COVID-19 pandemic as well. They are practically the underdogs. Most of the sports analysts and critics have not even given them a rat’s chance of pulling through this entire series.

I guess the team’s never-say-die attitude cannot be discounted nor underrated.

Suddenly, they are back in the NHL finals since their last win in 1993. They become the only Canadian professional hockey team to compete against an American team for this series. They will be representing Canada in this exciting series.

Good luck to them. Irregardless of the outcome in the finals, they did themselves and the rest of Canada very proud.

As one twitter handle named Lord Stanley says: Bonjour , Montreal Canadiens!

I am very sure,Lord Stanley, that the Montreal Canadiens are now ready for their closeup.

Bring the game on! Let the puck drop! I will be waving the Maple Leaf flag as well as bringing the popcorn ,of course ! Others especially in Quebec will wave the fleur de lis flag.

Your fellow Canuck,