Monthly Archives: September 2021

Where I live, they started implementing the use of COVID-19 vaccination cards which would ensure entry into places that provide non-essential services. Call it whatever—vaccination passports, apps for proof of vaccination records as the case may be, etc. I even heard stories of people on online dating sites stating that they are COVID-19 free. Even applying for a new job or even keeping a current one would require proof of vaccination pending any medical exemptions.

It s now, I guess the new normal until COVID-19 is fully eradicated. What a lifestyle change, indeed!

One practically has to bring it every time just in case someone at the door(aka “Vac ID bouncer”) wants to see it. It makes one feel as a teenager or baby-faced adult being carded at the pub entrance. I heard stores of probably unvaccinated folks being rude to the staffer screening them.

There is no need for rudeness, guys. The staffer is just doing his job. Nothing personal about that. What you can all do is get a doctor’s certificate stating why you cannot get the COVID-19 vaccine. Problem solved!

My local Staples store ,I heard had been having a heavy lineup lately because a lot of the local folks have been having their COVID-19 vaccination cards be laminated.

You really cannot leave home without that card, my apologies to American Express!