Monthly Archives: March 2022

After 2 years of Hollywood dealing with COVID-19 as well as virtual and pandemic- restricted Oscar presentations, last Sunday(March 27,2022) was the first time that a live audience will be delivered with a Red Carpet for the movie fans to see as well.

The desire to boost TV ratings on the Oscars(aka Academy Awards) got an unexpected boost from an unfortunate moment during the show—the Will Smith slap on Chris Rock. And to think that the Academy for Film and Motion Pictures is regarded as an esteemed institution highly intolerant of any misbehaviors.

No need for me to go into explicit detail as to what happened. The press, Youtube,TikTok,etc.has taken cared of that.

What I want to discuss are the numerous dynamics that came into play to this unfortunate event.

Chris Rock–He had already joked about Jada Pinkett-Smith in the past. Was he right in joking about her hairstyle as a result of her medical condition(alopecia areata)? Was it politically correct to begin with? Jada has always made it public about her condition. Does this mean that all comedians now must be very careful lest they will suffer a copycat response during ther own comedy gigs? It was noble of him to decline pressing charges at this time. I bet that he must have given a lot of thought that he should not have gone there especially since that joke was not even in the script.

Will Smith— Initially, he took it in stride but after seeing his wife cringing from Chris’ joke, he got very emotional and reacted by going upstage and slapped Chris because he wanted to vindicate his wife out of love. For one moment, he must have forgotten that being in an Oscars show, he has to show a certain degree of decorum and being up for a possible Best Actor Award, he has to show himself as being a good role model since a lot of folks look up to him as well. His fellow actor Denzel Washington said it best that the devil will come after us at our highest life points and being cautious about this is imperative.

Taking into account what I witnessed on the TV screen, what happens now? What will the Academy do? They obviously do not want a sequel to this event for next year. I hate to think that some trolls will tune in next year to hopefully witness Part 2. That would be an artificial boost of ratings in my opinion.

It would be nice if there would be a public joining of forces with these 2 gentlemen,making amends and going forward with a much better perspective. Perhaps, both of them together on stage being presenters irregardless of which type of awards show, as a sign of solidarity.

This is indeed a teachable moment for everyone concerned.

We do live in interesting times, indeed.

March 2022—As we see the world unfold before us all,one could not help but to observe and to contemplate the ff:

The ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis– as this ongoing heart-wrenching human interest story continue to unfold wth no end in sight yet, the effects coming from this in terms of ongoing inflation, oil-gas prices soaring, loss of lives from this ongoing civil war,remedies are still being considered constantly.

What would it be? Price control? Depending on local oil resources and not be too dependent on Russia? Human rights tribunal putting an end to this ongoing war crime of humanity? Depending on electric cars instead of those run by diesel or premium? (Paging Elon Musk of Tesla for a discount! Wait! He is trying to challenge Vladimir Putin to a duel and the price is Ukraine. Good luck on that, Sir!)

And of course, the ongoing changes in restrictions regarding COVID-19. The light at the end of the tunnel is coming. Hang on tight,folks!

As the Miss Congeniality movie states, “We just want world peace.” We really do it need it now!

St . Patrick’s Day is coming up (March 17). We need a drink to toast for change in this ever turbulent world of ours.

Prayer helps too! Amen to that !