The Overturning of Roe vs. Wade

On June 24,2022, the Unites States Supreme Court by a majority vote had overturned the ruling on Roe vs. Wade (1973) regarding legalization of abortion.

Reactions were fast and furious among pro -choice, pro-abortion and anti-abortion activists. We will be hearing more from them in the coming days and I would not be surprised that it would become a US election wedge issue.

Consequences will arise from this.

Which US state will still allow abortions? Will this mean that 1 woman will have to cross statelines to have the procedure done without the risk of being arrested? Would she come up north here in Canada where abortion is still legal?

What about those women who need therapeutic abortions(still birth, massive uterine bleeding, victims of rape and incest?)Would they be punished as well just because they need the procedure for both physical and mental survival?

Would religious beliefs clash now with government rulings? The premise of the separation of church and state comes into play as well. Cultural beliefs and customs will be in conflict as well.

I pray that further clarification on all sides be made swiftly so that further strife can be prevented.


  1. Nova said:

    The best for everyone yes!

  2. As far as I have read and heard, patients whose lives are at risk and victims of rape and others would still be able to get legal abortion services.

    For anyone else, they have to travel to states where abortion is still legal, such as California, which seeks to become a abortion safe haven.

    But you are right on this, more systematic release of information and further details should be made available quickly so as to curb misinformation.

  3. well put. this is an issue that is not easily explained. i am not a woman , so i must continue with thoughtfulness. as a whole, i would say abortion is murder not health care, that being said, i would agree that if a woman s life is in peril , then caveats must be allowed for as in any thing else.

    • They need more thorough and detalied rules or else, everything will be swept up as one.

      • from one extreme to the other. the fact remains just like with any other issue that exsists, if there is demand it will continue. abrotion, prostitution drugs etc

      • demi semi apples to oranges tho eh?

  4. GP said:

    I don’t feel a person deserves to be a justice if they impose their opinions and/or religious beliefs to a decision. We are on a very slippery slope here.

    • Yes I agree with you. But also I blame those other politcians who put them there,all knowing that it will end up like this eventually just to score political points and not thinking this through carefully.

  5. All valid questions, hopefully, the states will handle the responsibility accordingly. I’m hoping states that view abortion as illegal will beef up their child care and support of single mothers. It remains to be seen, but my fingers are crossed.

    • Yes, Lisa. It is not enough to tell these women be a parent. Responsible parenthood has to come into play and not only does the government support systems have to be available for them but also access to healthcare—pediatric, obstetrical/gynecologic, even psychological support services as well.

  6. All of society loses when half of its population loses its right to personal autonomy.

    • Yes. This matter should be a medical issue to be discussed between the woman and the doctor and not a political issue.

      • My pleasure 😄✌️
        Have a beautiful day, Josie!!😉👍
        Butterfly 🦋

      • Same to you!🌹

  7. Whether or not you believe in abortion, I feel like the rights of woman went back to 50 years ago. What next, no more equal pay.

    • I personally believe in abortion for exceptional situations but I do respect any woman’s decision to abort because it is she who will live with that decision depending on her life situation. Unequal pay, same sex marriage, contraception, racial segregation, etc.. Who knows what these SC judges will push through on their political agenda? Very sad situation. Can only pray and hope for the best.

  8. I agree, Josie! This whole Roe vs Wade reversal is a Pandora’s box. We can’t abruptly go back to old practices without weighing the consequences to all people and all circumstances.

  9. Americaoncoffee said:

    Our prayers are with yours Josie. Collectively, AOC gives all glory to God. A woman has control over her sexuality, and her sexual activities. (So does a man)

    Rape and incest are horrible. At the same time, many couples cannot have children and many of them would welcome a child. Handicap children and those born with birth defects shed light on our own hearts, and the world.

    Please Read:

    “What does the Bible say about birth defects? Why does God allow birth defects?

    One passage that offers some insight regarding birth defects can be found in John 9:2-3: “And his disciples asked him, ‘Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?’ Jesus answered, ‘It was not that this man sinned, or his parents, but that the works of God might be displayed in him.'” It is clear from these words of Jesus that birth defects are ultimately not due to the sin of the parents or child, but serve as part of God’s plan for our lives.

    Though the Bible is clear that even birth defects serve as part of His divine plan, it is extremely difficult as humans to accept or understand when this takes place. As Christians, we are called to be sensitive and loving toward those affected by disability or birth defects, offering whatever help we can in the process. Rather than seeking to explain or claim to know the reasons behind a birth defect, believers are called to both care for those in need as well as to grieve with those who grieve in difficult situations (Romans 12:15).”

    AOC further adds:

    Creation thru sex is a gift that is gloriously conjoined with the hands of our Heavenly Father! GOD IS LIFE AND LOVE. We must ‘Respect and Treat Holy’ our sexual lives. We all belong to the POWERFUL “FAMILY OF LIFE” that honors and glorifies God and outweighs and overpowers darkness.

      • Americaoncoffee said:

        You are welcome Josie. Your neutral stance is understandable for our wisdom and discernment.

        The previous that I quoted was taken from http://www.compelling Have a blessed and loving week.

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