The Elvis Movie–2022

I recently watched the movie titled “Elvis” and after which it left me with the ff. impressions:

The movie depicts the personal struggles and triumphs of Elvis Presley as he eventually becomes an overnight sensation— an American icon with the title of the King of Rock and Roll as well as a worldwide phenomenon. The movie was narrated through the eyes of his former manager , the late Col. Tom Parker as played by actor Tom Hanks. Elvis’ personal relationships with Col Parker and his ex-wife Priscilla Presley as played by actress Olivia De Jonge as well as with his parents were complicated but which defined his persona as a man striving for the Great American Dream as well as who he is as an individual to all of them. Overall, the movie also shows him being a regular man and with human limitations. The historical details regarding the assassinations of both MLK and RFK have also brought out in Elvis his spirit of activism and the desire for change which would hopefully lead to a peaceful world. His song If I Can Dream says it all. As he said, if it was too dangerous to speak, just sing.

Regarding his talent as a singer and eventually, also as an actor, he appeared versatile and can tackle any genre given to him. Being able to sing as well as dance with his hips and legs was no mean feat. It would take a lot of attention and concentration to be able to pull it off successfully.

In my own personal opinion, Elvis is the total entertainer, the complete package— handsome, relatable to his audience ,talented and versatile in all musical genres, also partly influenced by his love of African-American music and his soulful rendition of every song sung which is partly influenced by his love for Gospel music.

The young actor Austin Butler did a fantastic job delivering the Elvis persona. He may not look like Elvis and definitely, he is no Elvis impersonator either. He did capture the essence of Elvis to the point that he made me believe that he IS Elvis Presley. Now that is good acting, deserving of a Best Actor Award. Even the Presley family were impressed and felt that the movie actually depicted Elvis as who he really was.

I have always loved Elvis Presley and his music/movies. There will never be another one like him—ever.

His greatest fear was that he will be forgotten once he is gone and all his music will disappear for nothing.

The big irony is that he is still remembered up to now with his music still being played all over the world and he is still considered the greatest singing icon of all time, even in death.

To paraphrase some of his songs—He did things his way {My Way), he is a sight to behold(The Wonder of You) and he is unforgettable(I’ll Remember You).

Take a bow, Mr. Presley! Wherever you are now, I am quite sure that you are very happy to know that your legacy will live on !!!


  1. I always thought Elvis Presley was a good singer but believe that God gave Elvis that Voice to sing only gospel. And he wanted be a star. And look what being star got drugs Drunkard Divorced

    • He got tempted with some pitfalls on his way to the top indeed but that was how his situation was.

  2. Americaoncoffee said:

    This is one to see.

  3. I enjoyed it immensely, and definitely recommend seeing it on the big screen. I’m looking forward to seeing it again. 👍👍👍

    • Once it is no longer on the big screen, you can stream it or buy the DVD. Of course it is not the same as the big screen but it can be enjoyed all over again at home.

      • My Son streamed it today at home. Apparently, he liked the movie a lot 😊

      • A new Elvis fan in the making! The actor Austin Butler had helped invite a new generation of Elvis fans .

      • I agree 😊

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