Angela Lansbury, R.I.P.

Today, I heard the sad news that 96 year old Dame Angela Brigid Lansbury had died in her sleep early this morning in California.

She had a long and multi-awarded entertainment career which spanned several years (75 years)consisting of theater, television and movies.

My absolute favorite was her portrayal of Jessica Fletcher in the long-running TV series “Murder She Wrote”. I always look forward when I have the time to watch an episode and try to figure out which was the overlooked clue and who was the probable murder suspect. It was a great guessing game.

Dame Angela, your TV detective character was the North American version of Agatha Christie’s character in her tome Miss Marples.

Thank you so much for entertaining us all these years!

Your legacy lives on.

You are one classy lady. Adieu!


  1. Ruqia Ismat said:

    We also loved watching ” Murder she wrote ” in Pakistan . God bless her soul .

  2. I love Angela Lansbury! loved her in ‘Murder she wrote’ I grew up watching her in ‘Bedknobs and broomsticks’ and voicing the teapot in ‘Beauty and the beast’ . RIP

  3. Americaoncoffee said:

    Angels definitely had an amazing career. 💔

      • Americaoncoffee said:

        For decades.💞

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