Lisa Marie Presley(1968-2023)

Lisa Marie Presley, the only offspring of the late Elvis Presley , the King of Rock and Roll and Priscilla Presley has died yesterday after experiencing earlier of a sudden cardiac arrest.

In spite of resuscitation and eventual hospitalization, she eventually died.

Ever since her father died, she has constantly lived under his shadow but she made sure that his legacy goes on. She even made a career as a rock singer. She had her share of troubled marriages but out of them ,she had 4 offsprings, 1 of which unfortunately died from a gunshot wound in 2020—her only son Benjamin Keough–27 years old . She had reportedly not gotten over that. She had bouts of drug addiction in the past as well. I presume it was her way of coping through most of her life trials.

She was considered the Princess of Graceland.

I see her now reunited with her son and father in the great beyond.

My thoughts and prayers to her mother Priscilla and her 3 surviving daughters.

I find this moment so surreal since this past week, she was celebrating her father’s heavenly birthday and even attended the Golden Globes where her father’s biopic movie “Elvis” was up for numerous nominations.

At least she got to see Austin Butler win Best Actor for depicting her late father in the movie.

Lisa Marie, we will always remember you like how we did with your father.



  1. Americaoncoffee said:

    Strange deaths are occurring We are watching the patterns..

    • Typo error! Thanks for telling me. Will edit it now.

  2. I used to be a real big fan of Elvis Presley but since I’ve gotten saved and I am a Christian Jesus Christ is the biggest fan that I could ever have because he lives in my heart

  3. ROCK said:

    I was 14 when her father died. I was at Opryland in Nashville. They closed the amusements down and all of Tennessee mourned. I am more sorry for her surviving mother. It’s sad.

    • Yes. My heart goes out to Priscilla. She has gone through so much. I credit her in getting Elvis” legacy through. Now that Lisa Marie “s gone, she will have to continue further the work and pass it on to her grandkids someday. Graceland is now a US Historical Site. it will never be demolished. The Presley legacy lives on! Thanks for your input.

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