Living here in Canada, one would get exposed to elements of hockey whether on TV,billboards, games,tournaments, the NHL(National Hockey League),etc. Hockey undeniably is considered as Canada’s national sport. When news broke out that the NHL lockout has started this past weekend, I was thinking—again? The last one was in 2004-2005. Apparently the bone of contention was in the partition of $3 billion in ¬†profits of the NHL management folks to have a 47% take and the rest with the NHL players union.

Unless I’m wrong, my understanding was that the players union said no-go thus, the eventual lockout, considering that the NHL season will be at least delayed for the next 2-3 months starting this month.

Even though I enjoyed watching the game of hockey, just the thought that the involved parties couldn’t agree on dividing the money among themselves can hardly draw me to sympathize with them.

They should remember that the hockey fans’ patronage of the games and their teams, souvenirs,etc. are what made the NHL league what they are now. Without the fans, the league doesn’t exist.

They owe it to the fans to approach these negotiations constructively so that we can move on to the next game.

If this gets¬† prolonged, some fans might become disillusioned and become disinfranchised, leaving only the die-hard fans who’ll still be around.

Gentlemen! PLease return to the bargaining table or your own sports future might become in jeopardy too!