After all these past few weeks of the ongoing (ad nauseum) US govt shutdown (because of  the US president’s obsession with building a wall along the US-Mexico border), the best solution to end this shutdown and spare the US federal workers from undeserved suffering because of with held salaries as a result of this———— since all these US politicians STILL GET PAID THEIR USUAL SALARIES in spite of this govt shutdown, their salaries SHOULD  ALSO GET FROZEN AS WELL  until they  finally get to an agreement regarding the border wall.   Better yet, donate their own salaries to the border wall funding.

I can guarantee you all that  US govt shutdown hubris  will end abruptly because it’s their own pockets which will get hurt.

So much for getting elected to serve the people, It’s just as a means to serve Number 1—themselves.

Just saying!




Yesterday, the news came out that George Herbert Walker Bush, the 41st United States President had died(cause unknown by the public) at age 94.

Sir, you had given dignity and honor to the Office of the Presidency by doing your job as the  President of the People. You took a political job as a calling to serve the people and not use as a means to enrich yourself nor to pursue your personal interests. You were humble when told of your extensive and impressive public service credentials which everyone knows. One would never accuse you of being a braggart nor have an ego the size of the universe. And why should you? Your self-esteem and level of happiness/contentment was intact during your lifetime.

You can hold your head high as you travel up to the heavens to meet your wife Barbara who’s already waiting for you at the pearly gates “under a thousand  points of light” as you usually quote.

Rest in peace!



There’s a saying that in life, things happen in 3’s. In the USA, from all of last week, 3 hate crimes came out one after the other which I felt was too much already.

The first was in Kentucky where 2 black  people were gunned down in a store.

The second was in Florida where a deranged man had attempted to kill off 14 Democratic Party critics of the current US administration with man-made pipe bombs.

The third was in Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania wherein 11 elderly Jewish parishioners were gunned down in a synagogue by an anti-Semite.

In all 3 episodes, they were all fueled by tons of hate speech which became aggravated and intensified with the upcoming US mid-term elections for the purpose of pandering to a certain minority electorate so as to achieve the purpose of election and the fulfillment of both personal and political agendas.

For change to happen, it has to start at the top of US leadership sans hypocrisy,denial ,arrogance and defiance.  Tamp down the harsh and nasty rhetoric! We are more civilized than that! Some lives have already been lost!

If such reforms do happen, these lost souls would not die in vain.

Karma’s a bitch. Take note to those who can initiate the change.

God help us all!



Aretha Franklin, the 76 year old “Queen of Soul “died today(Aug. 16,2018) from an advanced stage of pancreatic cancer in her  Detroit,Michigan home under hospice care.

Whenever I think of the state of Michigan, I think of its port city–Detroit also known as Motown—-known also for all kinds of black music, soul,R & B, pop,etc.

I couldn’t help thinking that she also died today on the 41st death anniversary of  the King of Rock and Roll—Elvis Presley. as well as the birthday today of another Michigan native—Madonna.


Being the first female to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, as well as being the first African American female to do so was also an inescapable fact. She also had numerous other music and service awards but the role she prided herself most is being the best mother to her offsprings.

Some of her well-known songs like Respect, Ever Changing Times, Natural Woman and A Change is Gonna Come all reflect her ongoing crusade to bring the importance of a female’s role and contribution to society as well as overcoming racial barriers.

Being a trailblazer is an understatement to define her.

I could see her now riding the Midnight Train to Heaven(not Georgia this time,( excuse the pun) and the late George Michael will be there waiting for her ,reminding me of  their famous duet—I Knew You Were Waiting (for me).

As for me still here on Earth, to quote one of her famous songs—my absolute favorite from her collection—-I Say A Little Prayer for You, I give it as a tribute to her.

Thank you for the music and long live the Queen!






It was a typical Friday morning yesterday for me,getting ready for work when I suddenly watched on TV, some breaking news about a mass shooting scene in Fredericton(New Brunswick’s provincial capital and known as a university town) involving a gunman  who shot and killed 4 people(2 police officers among them) in Brookside–a suburban ,quiet and safe area (until 8/10/18)of Fredericton. The gunman has eventually been caught but the investigation is still ongoing.

Ongoing will be the continuous healing and coping of such a tragedy. It felt like a rerun of a similar nightmare that happened in a nearby city 2 hours away—Moncton where I live. It involved the shooting of 5 RCMP officers(3 dead and 2 wounded) answering the call of a man with a long rifle roaming around a quiet suburban area in the north side of Moncton. This happened on June 4,2014 and all the details have been posted on my blog dated both on June 5 and 6 with initial and subsequent updates,titled Moncton RCMP Shootout and Manhunt.

Personally for me, it felt like a flashback and whatever the city of Fredericton is going through right now, the city of Moncton can empathize what that’s really all about.

2 mass shootings in 4 years time in a Canadian province (New Brunswick)not usually known for mass shootings and especially involving the downing of officers of the law really brings home the fact that anything horrible and tragic can happen anywhere, anytime.

My thoughts and prayers to everyone affected!



Anthony Bourdain,61 years old, a well-known celebrity chef had committed suicide (by hanging) today at a hotel room in France where he was filming an episode for his TV series at CNN—Anthony Bourdain–Parts Unknown.

Tony as he’s known, was a man of many talents aside from cooking—author, producer, food connoisseur, advocate for the end of opioid addiction, the #MeToo movement, adept TV documentator especially in his TV series—Parts Unknown as if we were literally traveling with him all over the world by way of the TV screen.

Tony was known as having a bad boy persona in the culinary world which made him appear genuine and appealing to his numerous fans. He was assertive and downright frank when discussing all kinds of worldly issues outside  that related to cooking. Such was his magnetic personality which makes him relatable and accessible as a cultural envoy ,similar to one who works for the United Nations.

It was heartbreaking to now know that  Tony was  in such great emotional pain that he had to end his life to escape from it. And to think that he had it all—fame, fortune, family and friends. He did battle his demons especially when he dealt with addiction problems years ago. Whatever he was dealing with on an ongoing basis up to his death, we may never know but just speculate.

With the recent death  by suicide(also by hanging)of the handbag designer–Kate Spade, suicide awareness and prevention cannot be overstated.

Thank you Tony for the memories.

A toast to you wherever you are now(some parts unknown,forgive the pun).

May you finally find the peace that had been elusive to you during your lifetime but please know that a  lot of folks care and will miss you very much as you go through your new journey—this time in the afterlife.







Margot Kidder, 69 yrs old,a Canadian actress who got her big break in Hollywood by portraying the fictional character Lois Lane in the Superman movie franchises, alongside the late Christopher Reeve in the starring role, had passed away yesterday in her sleep.

She has had a long acting career but her signature role will always be that of Lois Lane. Even if other capable actresses can do that role, it will always be identified with Margot Kidder. Same with Christopher Reeve for the Superman character.

She also lived life to the fullest with all its ups and downs—-doing the celebrity life, dating well-known actors and politicians, experienced homelessness, bipolar disorder and even drug addiction. It was that drug addiction that woke her up to reality and started her advocacy for mental health awareness.

She has always dropped comments of her  Canadian roots yet fully aware of her Hollywood big breaks in the USA.

I could see her now flying like a bird straight up to the Pearly Gates without Superman holding her like in the movies with the minus one tape of their movie theme song—Can You Read My Mind? playing along during her ascent.

Thank you Ms Kidder for the memories (as the great Bob Hope would say) and adieu,Lois Lane !!!