It is amazing how a year passes by so quickly yet so painfully memorable for everybody on planet Earth.

2020 is definitely a pandemic year with COVID-19 finally recognized as it is and its presence since exactly a year ago today (March 11,2020).

Hopefully, it will not live long enough to go into a 2nd anniversary a year from now today.

We have had enough grief , destruction , prolonged suffering and defensive lifestyle coping just to survive its deadly potency.

To contribute to its eventual demise, the onslaught of COVID-19 vaccine shipments and innocculations have been going on now for about a month worldwide.

I was able to get my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine today. 2nd dose to follow in a few weeks time.

I see freedom on the horizon!

Spring season is coming—a season of hope, renewal and new beginnings.

Hopefully, COVID-19 is already gone by then. I wish!

My thoughts and prayers to all those who died from COVID-19 and my salute to all frontline workers in fighting this deadly virus!



After going over the news yesterday of golf legend Tiger Woods’ miraculous survival of that horrendous vehicular accident in California, I felt that Tiger once again was resurrected from almost imminent death.

I wrote a blog on April 15,2019–The Return of Tiger Woods–after he won the Masters Golf Tournament in that year.

Once again, folks are wondering and talking whether Tiger can ever make a comeback to golf.

In my opinion, considering the extent of his physical injuries which has yet to be determined as the days go by as well as his subsequent rehabilitation and recovery, the golf comeback will be answered eventually.

One should also observe how Tiger ‘s mindset would be by that time . Based on all the previous reports that I have read about his tenacity and resilience, frankly, I would not count him out yet.

One thing’s for sure. He already made a comeback right now—from the jaws of apparent death. It is a sign that his work here in life is still not done yet. Whether it is golf-related or not, I feel that he has nothing else to prove. His golf legacy is already secure.

Perhaps, it is a sign that after this accident, he has to work on another legacy for everybody—golf -related or not–but definitely to show everyone that life goes on, as long as there is life ,there is hope.

I am cheering Tiger on! Resurrection 2.0 has just been turbocharged. YAY!!!


Christopher Plummer, the Canadian-born actor both in movies(Hollywood) and in theatre(Broadway) has died today at age 91.

His talent was immense, versatile and diversified. He was very adaptable in getting into roles ,taking each character as his own and becoming each character as well.

He holds the record of being the oldest actor to ever win an Oscar(Academy Award).

He exudes an aura of being debonair, dapper,elegant and handsome on and off the screen, even as he gets older through the years. He is like wine which gets better with age.

I will always remember him as Captain Georg Von Trapp, the stiff, temperamental widower of a brood of 7 offsprings in the movie—The Sound of Music –-wherein he finally met his match with the novice turned governess/nanny named Maria(played by Julie Andrews ,another entertainment icon) to whom he finally opened and gave his heart to.

Adieu, Sir as you travel on to the great beyond. I will always remember you as I hear the song lyrics to Edelweiss.

So long, farewell!

Captain Von Trapp has left the building!

From a fellow Canuck,


American TV and radio host Larry King died yesterday at age 87. He had been a fixture particularly on TV for at least half a century.

He’s well-known for his laid back demeanor in interviewing guests with simple yet open-ended questions as well as making the guests feel comfortable to the point of revealing themselves easily.

He always believed that the guests are the focus and not him.

He had survived many personal as well as medical setbacks which made me think at times that he is either invincible or immortal.

I will always remember him with his wide forehead, pipe ,eyeglasses and suspenders.

I can see his suspenders hung up now in his memory.

Thank you ,Mr. King for enlightening as well as entertaining us through the years.


Country music icon Dolly Parton’s song Hard Candy Christmas evokes a message of dealing with hardships during a Christmas season. This song resonates for us in this Christmas of 2020 (a pandemic year) because of COVID–19.

It also sends a message of hope that we all will get through this–as the lyrics say–I’ll be fine and dandy.

I first heard this song when it was played in that movie she had with the late Burt Reynolds—The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.

As 2020 will finally end soon for us, as long as there is hope in this life, it is worth fighting for.



Dear COVID-19,

Ever since you had made your presence known worldwide as early as the beginning of this year 2020 until now with 2020 coming to a close by the end of this month, we have continuously strived to know more about you and how to handle whatever you had given us which unfortunately led to a loss of several lives as well as several lifestyle changes and a constant realignment of one’s life priorities.

Whatever messages you had been giving us as to how to deal with life overall, we do get it though we still could not figure out why you came into existence for us all. Was it an unfortunate fate or a by-product of our handling all of life’s resources which led to the consequence of your emerging existence?

Nevertheless, you must be aware by now that some potential opponents will be coming after you in the form of COVID-19 vaccines to help us fight against your never-ending punches. It may not kill nor eradicate you but hopefully, will weaken you. But this is not why I am writing to you today.

I am asking you now to please let us all observe the spirit of the incoming Christmas season by not making your presence to us so obvious unlike the rest of this past year.

I know that it is a fool’s errand to ask you of such a grand request. It is more like a David and Goliath scenario.

But please know that I have this steadfast belief that anything is possible during Christmas. As long as there is life, there is hope.

If you want to join the ranks of Ebenezer Scrooge and the Grinch, be my guest. Do not say that I did not warn you. If you think that your ongoing presence here is appreciated, please look into the mirror.

It is not too late to make a graceful exit.

Just me,


Shopping styles have changed a lot for everyone ever since we have to deal with COVID-19 constantly as we go about our lives .Shopping for our daily needs as well as for special occasions take more into prominence now that the Christmas shopping season is already here.

Economically, COVID-19 had hurt the retail and non-essential services sector gravely. These businesses have now returned but to a limited capacity due to COVID-19 safety precautions. They lost a lot of revenue from decreased consumer spending and are aching to recover fast. The Christmas profit represents 25% of yearly profit. If they do not make it, they will close by the end of this year.

As these retail folks said in 1 battle cry: “We Need This!

Please support the retail business through responsible shopping. Support especially your local businesses as much as possible because they also pay local taxes which help support funding in services and infrastructure in your local community. Whether it is a gift basket or even a gift card through online shopping or even dropping by a physical store, it can make a big difference. Also, these retail folks could be your friend or neighbor supporting themselves and their families as well.

Shop till you drop as they say but do it well and carefully.

I personally will still celebrate Christmas this year (2020) and I will definitely shop for Christmas because I will not let COVID-19 steal my thunder nor rain on my parade.

We can do this, folks!!!!


Dear Mr. Alex Trebek,

I heard yesterday about your passing. This made me feel quite sad since I had always enjoyed watching your game show “Jeopardy” through the years. My knowledge of trivia has increased from all the questions you gave out to the contestants.

It was an amazing fact that you had hosted “Jeopardy” for 36 seasons which made you a legendary host by reputation.

You may have become an American institution but you never forgot your Canadian roots.

You are a class act of a person whether on-screen or off-screen.

Whoever will replace you as host of “Jeopardy” has huge shoes to fill.

May you rest in peace and I wish you well in your journey to the afterlife.

Sincerely from your fellow Canuck,


Dear Sir/Madam Editor,

It is me again! I had sent you a letter last Sept.10,2020 regarding the possible choice of Time Person of the Year 2020. I had mentioned COVID-19 as a non-human choice and the frontline health workers as the human choice for the honor.

In this very unpredictable pandemic year, I am writing to you again regarding suggesting possible equal billing for the title of Time Person of the Year.

This time, I would like to nominate the American citizens who have exercised their right to suffrage as well as the employees of each American state electoral agencies in making democracy possible by counting every ballot submitted in .

As they say in their constitution,”We the people,” “The people have spoken”.

The United States is known worldwide as the bedrock of democracy and not that of dictatorship. It carries the gold standard for freedom for other countries to emulate.

I rest my case,Sir/Madam Editor.

May you enjoy the rest of this very challenging year as well as the upcoming Yuletide season.



Sir Sean Connery, a well-known Hollywood actor and Oscar winner of Scottish origin has died today–Halloween Day at age 90, leaving behind a long list of film achievements . However, he will always be known as the First James Bond, an MI6 agent (aka Agent 007)who served at the pleasure of the Queen of England’s Secret Service detail.

He gained international stardom as James Bond, the ultimate professional spy who always gets the fanciest and high-tech gadgets(courtesy of the scientist Q) to fight off enemies, with a license to kill ,do not forget that too. This explains why he was called the international man of mystery.

He gets to travel all around the world by plane,jets and on the ground with whatever means possible. There will always be however that dependable car of his–the Aston Martin.

Being the ultimate man’s man as well as a ladies man, he gets to wine , dine and romance all the lovely ladies during his espionage work but he can always depend on his boss’ secretary Miss Moneypenny (with whom he has a faux love-hate relationship) for added assistance.

Thank you for entertaining us all these years, Sir Sean and rest assured that the enigma and allure of James Bond will always prevail. You had set a gold standard for all your successors to emulate.

I can imagine seeing them now all dressed up in their best tuxedos (your standard evening wear) ,handsome and dapper, raising their glasses of vodka martini (shaken, not stirred as you would have liked it that way) towards the sky as a salute to you as you head towards the heavens. You can also hear the tune of the usual James Bond music theme on the backdrop as well.

And before I forget, one of your successors Sir Roger Moore who had left for the journey to the afterlife ahead of you will probably meet you there and talk of good old times.