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As I had mentioned in my earlier blogs, I was busy apartment hunting,packing and eventually¬†moving into my new home. Even though it’s still within the same neighborhood, I still have to orient myself as to my new location within the vicinity as well as how both my new apt and the rest of the new building are in terms of the physical setup, rules and regulations,etc.

Eventually, my usual routine comes finally in, amidst my new home settings.

In my opinion, a home is what you make of it. It’s also a product of one’s state of mind as to what you perceive is your place of belonging and solace after a long day and where you rest and recharge your energies during the evening and night. In this way, one will be ready to face another day again.

As the sayings go, “Home is where the heart is ” as well as ”¬†There’s no place like home.”