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The recent report that CNN anchor/journalist Anderson Cooper had  sustained sunburn to  1 of his eyeballs after being exposed to the intense sunlight in Portugal where he was covering a news assignment is mind-boggling. Added to that , he experienced temporary blindness for 36 hour in the affected eye. He even had to wear an eye patch. It must have been a scary experience for him.

The importance of wearing sunglasses couldn’t be emphasized more in this case. Our eyes are very delicate and sensitive body organs so absolute care should be given to them.

I always thought that wearing sunglasses would help prevent the development of cataracts in the future. Add to that now would be sunburn on our eyes. Another learning experience indeed.

The old adage that looking directly into the intense sunlight might lead us blind holds true in Mr. Cooper’s case but at least, his situation  thankfully was temporary.

Food for thought!