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It all started last year by Walmart on US Thanksgiving Night. It opened its doors to the public at 10 pm to start the annual X’mas shopping season than on the usual Black Friday. It started as  a trial run to see how the public responded at the risk of stoking the ire of folks who treasure the sanctity of observing Thanksgiving Day.

Many Walmart employees had to modify their Thanksgiving  plans with family and friends so as to report to work while the rest of the populace had to decide whether to linger over their festive meal and personal time with family and friends or to leave their homes early so as to be among the first to get the greatest Thanksgiving bargains that they can on that auspicious night.

Well, it was a huge success for Walmart and it’s back again, together this time with other stores like Kmart,Sears,Target,the Gap and Toys-R-Us. In fact, days earlier, there were already long lines of people around these stores before today and even had plans to cook and eat their Thanksgiving meals right on the lineup. All for a great deal! My, oh, my! Such tenacity but I guess if one can and wants to do it, then so be it. To each his own. It’s a free country.

This is part of the new normal now–Black Thursday and is probably here to stay. Reason for its existence was for the retailer to grab early  the clientele from online retailers like Amazon,etc. but for sure, Amazon, will find a way to outwit Walmart et al altogether. Talk about Ebenezer Scrooge not wanting to waste a day to make a profit!

It’s still a win-win for   the consumers since they’ll be bombarded with great sales prices considering the current worldwide economy right now.

Here in Canada,there’ll be Black Friday sales too but only because Canadian retailers don’t want us Canucks to go south for early X’mas shopping. Hmmm…there’s always online shopping with free shipping to boot. With the price of gas nowadays, it’s very important to take note of this.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends as well as happy shopping too!


Every 2nd Monday of October, it’s Thanksgiving Day here in Canada. At the same day, it’s also Columbus Day in the U.S. Take note that Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. is celebrated every 2nd to the last Thursday of November.

Columbus Day is observing  the event when a European gent/explorer named Christopher Columbus who discovered the American continent. I think though that the Americans observe this more nowadays as another long weekend meant to be enjoyed further.

Thanksgiving Day in Canada has some similarities like the American Thanksgiving Day in terms of the cuisine…turkey,pumpkin pie,cranberry pie,stuffing,etc. and serves as a special occasion for family and friends to gather together to share in a hearty feast as well as to catch up with one another.

The differences lie obviously aside from the dates, in terms of its purpose. Canadians celebrate it to give thanks for a good harvest. This is reflected in the cuisine being served as products of that great harvest.The Americans celebrate it to reflect on their history of being Pilgrims who came to the Americas being considered the New World to start a new life away from England.They came by way of that now famous ship called the Mayflower.They also came during the time of the great harvest season which again shows why there’s a similarity of cuisine being served on both those Thanksgiving Days.

In current times, the American Thanksgiving has added more jazz and pizazz to this auspicious day. There’s a Thanksgiving parade,the most famous one held in front of the Macy’s Department Store in New York City(called Macy’sThanksgiving Day Parade) and after being turkeyed out, the next day Friday, they’ll troop very early the next morning to avail of big sales in the stores thus heralding the start of the Christmas shopping season. They call this as Black Friday when the stores expect to be “in the black” meaning that their sales sheets would produce great year-end profits from  until the end of the calendar year.

Whatever and however we celebrate it, we all must count  and be thankful for our life’s blessings  and remain hopeful for our future.

Happy Thanksgiving,everyone!