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Before the high-tech world became more prominent these days, in terms of reading an article or story,one goes to a newspaper,magazine or a book(soft or hardcover or paperback).

With the  onset of iPads,tablets,smartphones and e-readers like Kindle or Kobo, reading anything has taken on  a whole new meaning now. You hardly stain your fingers with printer’s ink nor touch a paper page with these fancy hi- tech gadgets for sure.

But some purists especially the bibliophiles still love the feel of the paper pages as they leaf through the length of the article that they’re reading. They love as well the  look,smell and design of the book,newspaper and magazine that they hold to.

Of course, the e-reader is environmentally friendly since no trees were killed to produce paper but even a book/magazine nowadays can be produced with a certain % of recycled paper too.

One’s fingers does the turning of the paper pages with a book/magazine/newspaper while on an e-reader, one’s fingers keep on clicking to go electronically from 1 page to another  via a touch-tone screen.

Whichever way one prefers, reading has become more versatile nowadays. Still the purpose of disseminating information and taking our minds and imagination to faraway places through reading remains the same.