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I will leave all the pathophysiology and treatment of the  microbe of the hour—-coronavirus—to the Infectious Disease specialists as well as the CDC (Center for Disease Control)and the WHO(World Health Organization).

My own take on this as a layman should be simplistic ,understandable and hopefully will help others assert themselves more in taking care of their health.

The word –corona–is Spanish for “crown” which makes me thing with the growing prevalence of this virus,does it make it a king or queen of the other viruses?Just a thought.

Just trying to see how to prepare for a possible pandemic would entail preparation as if on a Doomsday scenario.

Here in Canada, so far, there are now 16 confirmed cases of those infected by the coronavirus(also known as COVID-19). It is a reality but nothing to be relaxed with either. Preparation is key.

Now I am fully aware that the Democratic  party primaries are ongoing in the US and COVID-19 has been touched from time to time. Even with the current Trump government, they are aware as well.

I am quite flabbergasted with how the political spinning of COVID-19 as well as the apparent political cover-up and censorship of the certified health authorities who are morally bound to inform the public for safety reasons is ongoing.

This had already happened in China when they initially shut off the medical doctor(now dead from the virus) when he tried to act as the whistleblower and look where it ended—the growing viral spread worldwide.  Why the shut-off?Because it does not look good politically nor for the international business of China.

I pray the US govt will not follow that same path either.

I hope that President Trump will not end up like the Chinese president who is still trying to correct that ongoing crisis. I understand that it may not look good politically for him if that virus continues to spread in the US but I am sure that the American people will understand and support him as he should listen to the health experts and not those yes-men or political spinners  when lives are at stake.  They need his help and assistance as well as leadership to guide everybody to safety. That is his job as President of the United States.

I am aware that he is so preoccupied with his reelection plans but if a lot of American lives die on his watch, the buck stops with him and no one else. The last thing he needs is the perception that he neglected his citizens and is only concerned with his personal ambitions.

The coronavirus is not a hoax nor a concoction of the Democratic Party. It was seeped into our North American shores like a stealth sniper. it will not disappear as easily as the common cold but if it does, I will only credit it to God and no one else.

Prepare and pray,folks! This is my Public Service Announcement (PSA) on this matter!

God help us all!