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I watched a  recent documentary about the role of Dawn dishwashing liquid–original scent–(known as Dawn Blue )specifically in cleaning up the animals ( that inhabit the Gulf coast) from the oil spill grease that polluted the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. The oil spill leak was from its oil wells that were located within that Gulf. (c/o BP, also known as British Petroleum).

Accdg. to the environmentalists, only Dawn Blue is effective in cleaning up the grease  from those animals like those seagulls and pelicans for example.They say that the longer the grease sticks to their bodies, the quicker they’ll die. Probably because Dawn Blue was created in its purest form with the essential cleaning chemicals to effectively remove grease from dishes. The other varieties of Dawn dishwashing liquid come now in various scents and colors but are not as effective in cleaning up the grease from those animals. Perhaps because they made the chemical composition of such dishwashing liquid milder so that the various  fragrances could come out.

If I can, I’ll try to keep a bottle of Dawn Blue around. You never know.  A stray animal or even a pet may get  an oily ,greasy sheen and could use a good shampoo. Not only would they get cleaner but you also save their lives in the process.

I’ll never look at a bottle of Dawn Blue the same way again,that’s for sure.

Bon jour!