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A 94 year old lady who lives on  my floor  had lamented the lost art of letter writing nowadays. She said that because everything now is so high-tech and advanced that the need to get things done quicker is so expected.

Case in point she said is the way people communicate on paper. She noticed that not a lot of folks nowadays send friendly  letters through the mail except for official business.

Nowadays, she said that people with their computers and cellphones either e-mail,text,fax or tweet messages at lightning speed. Seems she says that people have no more patience and are lazy to wait for other people’s responses through the mail. She’s concerned that many young folks in particular don’t know anymore the fine art of letter-writing and might not be astute in spelling either, what will all those shortcuts that texting does.( I doubt that  she ever heard of spellcheck or either)

She loves the sight and smell of a fresh piece of stationery being removed from an envelope that she gets from her mailbox. She loves the thrill of mailing and receiving one.

I told her gently that in this digital era,one’s way of communicating has advanced as well and is the sign of the times. Faster communication isn’t a bad thing . In a way, it gets a lot of things done. I told her that if she ever learned to use a computer or a smartphone,it’ll broaden her horizons and  on her perception of this world even further. But knowing her, she had already told me long ago that she’s not interested in learning how to use these 2 high-tech devices because she’s too old to keep up with them. She couldn’t even keep up with her offsprings,grand- and great grandkids being so high-tech as well.

I did agree with her that letter-writing is slowly dying but not totally dead in my opinion.

There are certain life situations that would require letter writing or even writing on specific cards with one’s penmanship like messages of thanks,congratulations,sympathy,good wishes and at times,even bad news like the death of someone for example. Nothing beats the personal touch.

For those letters that can do with typewritten text would definitely be of formal correspondecnce and other business matters.Sometimes,one’s penmanship could be hard to read if used in these cases.

It was a good discussion with her and which made me think it over about the letter’s significance in this current digital/hi-tech world.

Yes! That’s progress for you!

But I extremely doubt that the post office will no longer exist in due time. That’s cutting it too far, in my own humble opinion,mon ami.