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The facial mask is the latest fashion accessory now deemed as part of essential attire in this pandemic year. Another option would be a plastic facial shield.

As we go about our daily lives dealing with COVID-19 and with all the prodding from health and even govt officials to make us aware of the importance of wearing masks, here is what I have to say:

If you are fashion conscious, masks are now available in all sorts of colors and designs. You can even make one yourself either by simple hand sewing or by sewing machine if you so choose.

If you are cost-conscious,making or buying rewashable cloth masks are a good option if the disposable type is not your thing.

Now if cost is not a problem for you and if you are concerned about germs, then the disposable type is your best bet.

There is no excuse not to mask up. Your life depends on it.

It is much easier to wear one and go about your daily life than to be attached to a respirator. Then your quality of life will really suck.

Wearing a mask does not even involve politics nor tauntings from ignorant folks who should know better.

If you get sick with COVID-19, that is it. No one can help you except yourself. If you do get over it, thank God.

But why go through that ,anyway?

Just mask up and say a prayer that all of this will pass as well.

I rest my case.