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With the frigid winter upon us, it’s very important that we be on the lookout for any flu/cold symptoms that may possibly come upon us.

Generally, both the flu and cold have similar symptoms like coughing,sneezing ,runny nose and sore throat. The differences lie with the fact that in flu symptoms, you also have aches and pains felt all over your body like headache and muscle aches. Add a fever to it and that more or less completes the picture.

Trying to avoid cold/flu symptoms would be a challenge since it involves a virus of the respiratory type which is invisible to the human eye and thrives on cold temperature.

The way to do this is through prevention. Keeping warm by wearing well-insulated and suitable winter clothing as well as avoiding big crowds as much as possible. Keeping distances from coughing and sneezing folks is another way but it would be very difficult if you happen to live with one under one roof. For those who need it unless they’re allergic to eggs, a flu shot is in order.

At the first sign of a cold, if you can, take a supplement like FX for example to help halt the progression of the symptoms. I had tried this before and my suffering ended fairly quickly after 3 days of coverage.

If unsuccessful, nature will have to take its course since there’s no known antibiotic for a virus as far as I know.

Drink a lot of fluids to stay hydrated,keep warm, take in orange juice for Vit C coverage, chicken noodle soup as a natural healing medium and plenty of rest to recharge your body.

Riding out the symptoms as well as this winter will be a challenge indeed.

Thank God , I haven’t had a cold yet this winter but I’ll be ready if it does happen.(Crossing my fingers)