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To the graduates of 2020, when you look back on this year 2020 sometime in the future, not only has it been a pandemic year(thanks to COVID-19 aka coronavirus) for which you all had to learn life-coping ,survival skills as well as trying to complete your education by virtual/digital learning amidst sacrificing from seeing your schoolmates ,teachers and peers due to social distancing,self- isolation,quarantine and lockdown.

You all made it this far and had shown the entire world that you came out of this a much stronger group of people,ready to face a brave,new world in the era of COVID-19.

The struggle in coping with COVID-19 will still continue but at least now, you are all no longer neophytes in dealing with this festering ,unseen virus.

You all deserve to celebrate it via your own improvised forms of the senior prom(high-schoolers),other graduation parties as well as the graduation ceremonies.

Congratulations to all of you!

We are all in this together and stay safe!