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With the coming Christmas season upon us, the task of choosing a greeting card for this occasion will be tackled once again. Even for other occasions, certain principles in choosing a card or even an e-card for that matter should be kept in mind.

One would be the occasion. Even if it’s just a “Thinking about You” moment is an occasion in itself especially if the recipient is someone you haven’t seen nor talked to in a while.

Second would be the color scheme and design.

Third would be the message written in the card/e-card.

Taking all these 3 principles in mind, we should also consider the person or even group of people that will receive the card or e-card.

Why? Because  if we know their personalities and circumstances ,  the chosen card/e-card would be appropriate and suitable as if  it was custom-made for them. This also holds true if you designed a home-made one yourself instead of going to the store to pick a ready-made one.

It will make them think that you took a lot of time and effort to  find that perfect one  for them. They would then appreciate it as a result.

Now if you hardly know that person, you still would apply the above 3 principles and go safe and generic by going mid-way in card style and message.

Lastly, always remember that the greeting card represents you when you’re not physically around to meet the receiver face-to-face. When the recipient gets your card, they would know right away that it’s from you since knowing your personality, they would say that they wouldn’t be surprised why you chose or made that particular card.

Choose well and happy hunting!