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After the Valentine’s Day massacre at the Parkland High School( aka Mary Stoneman Douglas High School) in  Parkland,Florida(one of the safest U.S. cities), one would think that apathy and indifference would come up again with regards to possible gun control/regulation.

Well, in light of the recent #MeToo movement, it was refreshing and uplifting to see the students and residents holding rallies calling out for gun control, challenging the US politicians especially the Republican Party from the White House to Congress to stop hiding behind the coattails of the NRA(National Rifle Association) who has been giving out political donations to them. Hopefully, such rallies would continue and not only in Parkland but everywhere else until they’re heard and  definite change comes.

The Fire & Fury at Parkland is a starting point. Its about time. Too many shootings already.

What will invoke change this time? A decisive vote in the polls or a bullet into the head of the son/daughter  of a politician?

People’s lives matter. Guns don’t die. People do.

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a day celebrating love but with the tragedy at Parkland High, it became a day of hate and a sad anniversary to everyone affected.

My prayers to the victims and their families.



Here we go again as usual, folks!  It’s beginning to sound like a broken record. Since  the last shootout in US soil(i.e. at Texas A & M campus) last week, this time, it’s at Gotham City, I mean New York City. In the Empire State known as New York, one of its  most famous tourist attractions  is in the borough of Manhattan which is part of New York City. We’re talking about the Empire State Building , located at 34th Street and 5th Avenue.

Security has always been tight there especially after the 9/11 terrorist attacks and so needed with the daily heavy influx of tourists trying to go into that building to get a good view of the entire city and neighboring New Jersey , Connecticut,Long Island,Staten Island and parts of upper New York State. That building has been the scene of so many tourist photos, movie film shootings and even marriage proposals, mon ami.

Initial reports stated that  outside the entrance of the Empire State Building at a  little past 9 am ET(rush hour)today, a lone gunman was seen  with  a 45 calibre hand gun, running down the street and in the process,  shooting passers-by..  2 security guards reportedly  confronted and chased the gunman away and the NYC police took on the chase and eventually shot  the gunman very shortly after. Total so far of 10 people were shot.From that, total of 2 including this gunman are dead which leaves 8 wounded as of this time. No links to terrorism were found so far. Among the 8 wounded, 6 were sent to nearby  Belleview Hospital which reported all 6 injuries as non-life threatening.

The body of the gunman is still at this time outside the entrance of the Empire State Building and cordoned off around it as a crime scene.

Upon today’s press conference with the NYC mayor and the NY state police chief, the backstory was that the gunman(53 y/o Jeffrey Johnson) earlier was at a fashion apparel store about a block away from the Empire State Buiding. At  that store, he shot someone on the head and fled. He reportedly was spotted by a nearby construction worker who then notified 2 security guards who were both stationed at the Empire State Builiding. From there, the whole subsequent shootout at the Empire State Building then ensued.

Mr. Johnson allegedly shot a 41 y/o former employer inside that fashion apparel store with a handgun hidden inside a black plastic bag that he was carrying into that store.Motive apparently could be related to the fact that he was laid-off from that store due to corporate downsizing in light of the current state of the US economy.

Investigation is still ongoing and some details could still change later on.

Essentially, the topic of gun violence can’t be changed nor denied again,folks.

Gun control ,gun use and 2nd Amendment rights will be discussed again, probably to no avail as usual. As I had said earlier, it sounds like a broken record.

I used to live in New York City some years back and I can tell you this. NYC will survive this. They already survived 9/11,mind you.

As the song goes, the city has an Empire state of mind.


I’m becoming more dumbfounded since for the past 2 and  2 and a  half weeks, a 3rd mass shootout had  occurred in the U.S., this time in an apartment building 1 block away from the campus of Texas A & M in College Station,Texas,USA.  First was in a moviehouse in  Aurora,Colorado and the most recent one was just 1 week ago at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek,Wisconsin.

The report stated that a little after 12 noon today(Central  Time in Texas), a police officer went to an apartment to serve someone an eviction notice. The person concerned apparently responded by fatally shooting the officer with automatic weapons.

He continued shooting nevertheless as he attempted to flee and in the process, 3 people died including the police officer and the suspected gunman himself. Apparently,he was shot by other police officers, was taken into custody and later died. 4 others including 3 police officers and 1 female civilian were also wounded in the process.

Would an ongoing discussion regarding gun use and its  regulation and the right to carry arms for self-defense finally  come into fore? Are the politicians finally going to do it? Or are they more concerned that  dealing  into that issue would cost them their reelection bids in the near future? Perhaps, if one of their relatives had  become a direct victim of such an atrocity, they’ll sing a different tune. Just saying.

It’s very appalling to see 3 mass shooting episodes in so short a time.

Has frustration with society already made some folks deal with their problems solely by answering with gunshots? I doubt one can substantially achieve answers to their problems in this way.

Nevertheless, it shows that it has become a very serious social problem which will not go away anytime soon , not with the lack of effort to rectify the situation at all.

I wouldn’t hold my breath on that.


Once again,folks,another mass shootout is in the news. It has been only a little over 2 weeks since that moviehouse massacre in Aurora,Colorado.

This time, it’s in a place of worship specifically a Sikh temple in Oak Creek,Wisconsin,USA(located southward between the cities of Milwaukee and Racine). This happened today on a Sunday, a day of worship when everyone in that temple  gather together to celebrate their relationship with their god. This is no different when one goes to church to reconnect with one’s god.

This only reinforces the thought that we now live in dangerous times and no place is 100% safe for us anymore . I had already discussed this in my previous blog on 7/20/12 regarding the Aurora moviehouse massacre but at that time, only in the context of the safety issues being compromised inside a movie theatre.

Initial reports stated that 7 people including the gunman are dead. Many were wounded and among them, a policeman who was able to shoot the gunman down for good.

The police hasn’t yet released details about the gunman though in some unconfirmed press releases leaking around,it was said that he allegedly has a 9/11 tatoo on his arm. Obviously, they were able to identify him since they’re now at his home and taking extra precautions before entering inside in case his place is also boobytrapped like that of the Colorado gunman just a little more than 2 weeks ago.

The Oak Creek police force is relatively smaller but has now been aided by other depts. like the FBI for instance . Initial press conference stated that it was a case of domestic terrorism. The temple is currently a crime scene and investigations as of this time are still ongoing and would probably stretch out way into the night.

Follow-up press conference will be tomorrow hopefully with more details about the mass shootout and the gunman.

In the mean time, rampant speculations about whether it’s a hate crime considering the ethnicity of the group targeted and the reasons leading to the shootout persist. Is the gunman also a nut case?A copycat? Does he have an axe to grind with the Indian community or just a few? Is he even one of their own?

One thing is evident. Gun use vs. gun control vs. 2nd amendment rights discussions will reignite once again.

What’s heartbreaking is that one can no longer feel safe going inside a place of worship. I dread to see the day that we may need to go through a metal detector or have a bag check before entering a religious sanctuary.

And to think that we always feel safe inside our respective place of worship because we all perceive that we’re shielded from the dangers of the world.

My thoughts and prayers are to the people inside that Sikh temple and to the rest of the citizens within  Oak Creek, Wisconsin,USA. May justice prevail.