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I had just celebrated Canada Day(July 1)  and the Americans are going to celebrate their Independence Day(July 4) pretty soon.

On both of these days, it involves their respective flags which represent them as a nation and its people. the symbolism is so significant that it’s very important and imperative that the flags have to be taken cared of after all the festivities and celebrations are over for the calendar year.

Frankly, one can hoist their flags all year long as long as they know how to take care of them.

General pointers would be to hoist them at a secure position free from potential falls,critters and vandalism for example. Exposing them to the elements like harsh winter storms , floods and  violent winds would produce considerable wear and tear so it would be great to take them down before it does happen.

Gentle hand wash of the flag with warm or cold  soapy water would do and then air dry.

Once the flag does exhibit considerable wear and tear from constant use, it’s time to retire it from its service. How to do it best would be to consult one’s local war veterans center regarding this matter.

I believe such pointers would apply to other countries’ flags ,not only to both Canada and the U.S.

Food for thought!