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The most widely anticipated royal pregnancy news since Princess Diana’s in 1981 had been announced on Dec. 3rd. Kate,Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with her first child with Prince William,Duke of Cambridge,2nd in line to the British throne. New British legislation is expected to be passed that Prince William’s firstborn will be next in line to the throne after him, irregardless of gender.

She’s currently in the hospital and expected to be there for several days due to severe morning sickness in her early stage of pregnancy,called hyperemesis gravidarum. It’s so severe that she’ll need to get her daily sustenance for now through intensive hospital care. It’s expected that her condition will improve considerably by her 2nd trimester.

I could see in the coming days that she and her husband will be hounded by the press as her pregnancy is being monitored by the public eye. I could also see an onslaught of the fashion designers very eager to get on board and beg her to wear their latest maternity fashion designs. For sure, based on Kate’s fashion history, anything she wears, it gets sold out instantly.

Ah,yes! The news coverage goes on! I just hope that they’ll give the royal couple some degree of privacy since this period of infanticipating can be very stressful especially when under the public eye.

Congratulations to the happy couple!