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Based on this year’s lunar calendar, the Chinese New Year is on Feb. 10. It’s the day of the new moon which is why it’s also known as the Chinese Lunar Year.

Around this time in China, it’s springtime therefore it’s also a celebration of spring and called the Spring Festival Year.

For 2013, this is the year of the Water Snake.

Accdg. to Chinese astrologists, 2013 will be  a year of uncertainties and constant changes, similar to a snake constantly molting its skin.

Nevertheless, precautions are taken to help insure that good luck still comes in to greet everybody.

For ex, the arrangement of furniture in strategic positions which would guarantee good luck.(feng shui).  Energy of good luck has to flow freely and any piece of furniture that obstructs its path will bring bad luck.

Another ex. is eating fish served whole and cooked noodles, both not cut up for good luck.

Eating round pieces of food like fruits and dumplings for ex since the round shape symbolizes the shape of a coin.  These help bring in good luck for great wealth to come to us for the new year. Same when you eat rice at the end of a great Chinese feast which is called a lauriat. Rice symbolizes wealth too.

The color gold is good luck too and it symbolizes wealth which is why eating deep fried foods would be auspicious too.

The color red symbolizes optimism and good luck for the new year. Getting a red envelope with money in even number denominations(2,4,6,etc) and not in odd numbers emphasizes this.

Having firecrackers to chase out the bad luck from the previous year and exhibiting dragon dances to celebrate the new year can’t hurt either.

Kung hei fat choy! ( Chinese translation for Happy New Year!)