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Here in my neck of the woods, the Arctic blast still comes back from time to time. Just when you thought that it’s already warming up and the thaw starts after a snow fall, deep freezing temperatures would come back and all the unevaporated moisture around become ice sheets and other kind of formations.

Inspite of consistent salting, it can be very frustrating that this whole snow-thaw-ice cycle goes on and on.

As I had said in my previous blog 8-30-12  about making the most of life’s situations and making lemonade from lemons of life that we receive from time to time.

Well,apparently, I see around the city of numerous ice sheets being remodeled by enterprising folks into hockey or skating rinks for the kids who want to hone their hockey or skating skills.

Well, it looks like it’s a matter of making the most of this icy situation and turning it into an icy wonderland.

Enjoy it while we can,indeed!