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It was recently brought to my attention of the demise of someone I knew which occurred right on New Year’s Day 2013. Her close friend was very depressed when telling me of the sad news. She said that the lady who recently died had become very frail in the past few months and had been also struggling in dealing with her regular dialysis treatments.

As a result, her friend had decided that it’s no longer helpful for her since her full recovery wouldn’t be realistically attainable and had decided to stop all her dialysis treatments and opted instead to make herself comfortable and to wait out her end as painlessly as possible.

She was known to be a very religious person and was active in most events in her local Baptist church. She had already prepared herself to meet her Maker by having her pastor come see her before her death.

What she did was brave in making health-related and medical decisions. It may sound scary to do it but accdg. to her good friend, the lady in question wasn’t afraid and in fact was quite happy and at peace in such decison-making.

It’s amazing to see how much strength and resiliency we have in our human character when it does come out during challenging moments in our lives. This lady was one such example indeed.

May God bless her soul!