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In a span of  1 week this month of October 2012, I have heard  reports of a set of mass shootings(three of them). The storylines are somewhat simpler yet compelling to comprehend nonetheless.

The first was in a beauty salon in Casselberry, Florida on Oct. 18. 3  of the female patrons were shot and the gunman escaped to a friend’s house where he shot himself to death. The beauty salon manager knew him but as to the nature of their relationship has yet to be determined. The gunman reportedly had a history of domestic abuse which resulted in a restraining order. He also had a previous history both in Florida and Rhode island of domestic and felony assault,stalking,burglary and drug possession.

The second was in Inglewood, California last Oct.20. A  tenant was previously  given his eviction notice and apparently it  didn’t sit well with him especially after he lost his appeal in court for that just recently.  Within a matter of days, he  shot 5 of the landlord’s family members.He was wearing a painter’s mask at that time and had burned the family’s home before the shootout.The father and his 4 y/o son were both  shot and subsequently died during surgery. The mother and 2 other younger kids were injured but expected to survive. He knew the family for several years being a long time tenant of theirs. He went on the run but recently gave himself up to authorities.

The third happened only this past Sunday(Oct. 21) at the Azana Spa,located in front of the Brookfield Shopping Mall in Brookfield,Wisconsin. The gunman was an ex-Marine who went to the spa where his estranged wife and daughter were both working. He shot 3 people(one of them was his wife) and even shot himself to death. 4 other people were wounded including his daughter who is said to be on her way to recovery.

The man’s family situation appears to be that of a case of domestic abuse for which the wife had previously requested and was granted a restraining order( just 4 days before the shooting) from the husband. He reportedly also slashed his wife’s car tires just before the shooting probably to make sure that she doesn’t escape easily from him. He also reportedly bought his gun 1 day before the shooting.

His estranged wife was said to be a hero trying to save other people inside the spa during the shootout especailly when she was calmly talking to her husband,hoping to deescalalte the situation.

Whatever his motives were for this shooting at the spa is still being determined at this time. And to think that less than 2 months ago,also in the state of Wisconsin, at the town of Oak Creek, there was a mass shootout at a Sikh temple.

As I have always said again and again, in spite of ongoing debates regarding  gun control and regulation and 2nd Amendment rights, all of the above 3 mass shootouts stem from individuals dealing with their own  personal issues and  the quickest way possible in their own minds to deal with it is by gunfire.

It’s very hard to predict nor to control such individuals’ thoughts and motives. The only thing that we can do is to be vigilant as always and hope for the best.