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It was supposed to be a scheduled advanced movie screening of a much awaited Batman series franchise film called “The Dark Knight Rises”. Folks would come in droves with their tickets,decked out in various Batman character-related costumes, all supposed to be having a great time. The movie promises a lot of action scenes and special effects. Everything was moving along until hell broke loose last night in a movie theater located in Aurora,Colorado,USA(a suburb of Denver).

As of this moment, initial reports stated that a lone shooter in full combat gear quietly came out from the sides inside the theater while the movie was going on. He then  slowly climbed up onto the stage and facing the audience began shooting away in all directions,resulting in a mass shootout.

Initially, not everyone had  caught on with the firing since the movie itself had very loud special efects so in a way, folks would think that the shooting was part of a movie gimmick. Thankfully, reality quickly settled in and the audience started getting into survival mode. Running, ducking,screaming,etc.

Unfortunately,many were injured(at least 50 and 10 at this time were reported to be dead).

The gunman was quickly apprehended by authorities( through eyewitnesses)as he was  leaving the theater to get to his car. He didn’t protest and was arrested. He then mentioned that he had bombs at his place which quickly led Colorado police and even the FBI and other federal agents to make a sweep within the vicinity of the gunman’s apt. building as well his neighborhood. Hazardous materials were reportedly found. At this time, his apt was discovered to be booby-trapped.. Pepper spray was implicated as well since a canister was thrown by the gunman at the stage  prior to the mass shooting.

Terrorist experts ruled out any external nexus of terrorism at this time and it appears so far that the gunman acted alone. He’s a 25 y/o  white male  born in the U.S with no  known specific motive as to the mass shooting .He reportedly refuses to talk further regarding that and now has a lawyer to speak on his behalf. Lone gunman terrorist like Timothy McVeigh? Nutcase?

My thoughts and prayers are to all the victims of this unfortunate event. May justice prevail.

I couldn’t help but think how one by one, our civil liberties continue to be compromised these days.Does this mean that from now on, all moviegoers will have to be screened before going inside a moviehouse?Will there now be more security detail around those places? Does this also mean that more security inhouse inspections within the theater by the movie house management will be  occuring in the future? Will it now come to a point that you can never go inside the concessionaire’s booths unless you have already a prepaid ticket? Something like a boarding pass before checking in with TSA?

And what about the movie producers and film companies like Warner,Paramount,MGM,etc)? Will they be hesitant to release advanced screenings dates or any screenings in the future at all? Will they also  have to hire their own security for such events?

The joy of watching a movie within the ambience of a movie theater shouldn’t stop but again, we live now in different times and we need to do so,once again with a wary eye.