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Today,April 9,2014, there were 2 multiple stabbing incidents this morning, one in  Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville ,Pennsylvania,USA and in  an office in Toronto ,Ontario,Canada.

And to think that we already had our fill of ongoing gun violence,the most recent one from Fort Hood,Texas,USA.

Knife violence is just as deadly as gun violence and in all these recent shooting and stabbing events, underlying mental health issues abound as mitigating factors.

There’s not much to say about this. It’s so obvious that ongoing precautions need to be installed and increased citizenry vigilance has to be part of it. That’s as  much as one can do in today’s real world. There will always be uncontrollable factors like a mentally unstable individual plotting to do nefarious things in whatever possible way irregardless of what ever precautions are installed.

It’s a violent and sad world indeed!