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For full disclosure,being  Catholic, I observe Holy Week which starts this week,For our Jewish friends, Passover starts  within this week as well.

Dealing with COVID-19 aka coronavirus is quite challenging for everyone.If I were to pin point  Christian religious connections, dealing with this virus is like observing the Way of the Cross, the Crucifixion and observance of Lent and abstinence.

I consider Easter as the time for  the Resurrection of Christ as well as hopefully in due time, liberation from COVID-19 as a religious analogy as well.

Even the observance of Passover is analogous to being locked down in one’s home as the Angel of Death went through Egypt and passed through all male Jewish firstborns because prior precautions had been made.( Eating lamb and unleavened bread and smearing the front door with blood.)

With COVID-19, if we consistently followed all prior sanitary precautions, that virus will hopefully pass over us by as we continue our lockdown and social distancing.

Easter 2020 in this COVID-19 era is special since the essence of Lent and repentance has been observed in someway. Considering that all non-essential services have been temporarily stopped and only essential services are open for our basic needs only drives home the point the ff :

We need to reflect on what our life priorities really are and to not emphasize too much on the frivolities. This would mean  good balancing responsibilities and having periods of leisure.

We cannot afford to procrastinate since we do not know what tomorrow will bring to us which we may not have control anyway.

We go on living our life with purpose day by day which will give us personal fulfillment and not any personal regret.

Even once Easter 2020 passes by, such life principles need to be followed. Lifestyle changes due to social distancing has now changed how we attend church service, much less any incoming Easter egg hunt.

To all my fellow bloggers who observe other religions, may you have a fruitful and blessed coming of days as we all deal with COVID-19.



Passover is also known as the Feast of the Unleavened Bread(“matzo’ or flatbread) which was hurriedly baked and eaten by the Jews after their hasty departure from Egypt. Also known as the Feast of the Seder, it’s a Jewish festival that begins in March/April and lasts for 7/8 days.

Passover came about when the Angel of Death would pass over the Israelite slaves’ homes after seeing lamb blood smeared  on their respective doors as previously instructed by Moses, thus sparing their lives especially their firstborns. This occurred on the 10th day, a new  plague which would be #10 (all firstborns living in Egypt will die) and afterwards, the Pharaoh( himself who lost his own firstborn due to  this 10th plague) had set the Israelites free to leave Egypt with Moses for the Promised Land.

To all our Jewish brothers and sisters, may you all observe Passover,remembering how your ancestors took the chance to flee from the shackles of slavery and taste everlasting freedom.