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Every 3rd Monday of January is considered a US national holiday because it commemorates the slain African-American civil rights activist Martin Luther King,Jr.

In Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” speech, he made indirect references that someday, the black race will achieve great status in US society and government but that it probably wouldn’t happen in his lifetime.

It would be interesting to wonder what Dr. King would say if he was able to witness President Barack Obama’s presidential inauguration, not only once but twice considering that President Obama is the first African-American to hold the office of the US Presidency.

And to think that the 2nd inauguration would occur on MLK day didn’t escape President Obama’s notice since he took the oath of office on both the bibles of Dr. King and the late US President Abraham Lincoln.

The late President Lincoln was known as someone who qorked with numerous political parties so as to work on his political agendas. On a side note too was the fact that he emancipated the black slaves.
Such parallel symbolisms are hard to ignore and definitely now a permanent part of US history.

Long live freedom and democracy!