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Presidents’ Day is usually observed in the United States every 3rd Monday of February. This year 2013, it coincides with Washington’s birthday(Feb. 18)which is tomorrow.

FYI: George Washington was the 1st U.S. president.

Usually, the Presidents’ Day weekend is another opportunity for Americans to take a break . Now if you really think about it, Presidents’ Day is a day to acknowledge all past and present American presidents for what they had done for their home country–the United States of America.

Whether you agree with their political ideology or not, their being elected into office and carrying out the duties of such a prestigious yet demanding government position is testament that the American democratic system is running smoothly as well as American patriotism at its best.

Each American president will leave its stamp in political history which is what we call legacy.

We owe them our utmost respect for the position that they hold and wish them all well in their political endeavors for the good of the country. The presidency is not an easy job and it will require a lot of fortitude, guts,assertiveness and intelligence from anyone in that position to make sure that the presidency is worthy for what it is, thanks to their  respective constituents who voted them into it, believing that he/she is the right person for that job.