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As the song goes,  Old McDonald  had a farm and had all sorts of animals.

For my topic today, I’ll be bringing up the issue of raw milk( yes, the milk squeezed out from the udders of cows,goats,buffaloes,etc by hand or machine) as to whether it’s safe to drink or not.

A dairy farmer in Ontario,Canada has been battling the Dairy Board of Ontario regarding the regulations regarding the  production,distribution and selling of raw milk which is deemed illegal in Ontario province.

It’s really amazing how we’re all so concerned about what food we eat and how it’s prepared today.

In the olden times, the farmer would subsist on food derived from all the animals and plants he had tended in his farm. No factory preservatives involved. To preserve food, curing,canning with herbs and spices are used. Cooking recipes were simple and straight forward too so as to bring out the natural ,fresh flavors of the food ingredients.

Case in point, let’s take raw milk  consumption before Monsieur Louis Pasteur implemented the process of pasteurization to eliminate any existing microbes which may harm our overall health.

I’m quite sure when these 4-legged animals bore their young, these offsprings drank their mother’s raw milk for nourishment. It didn’t kill them. Don’t  even get me started on human breast milk. And to think that experts extol the health benefits of breastfeeding vs. bottle-feeding for human babies.

Perhaps the ongoing concern of raw milk nowadays is whether proper and sanitary handling of farm animals were implemented in the first place to ensure safe production of such milk and not necessarily raw milk per se.

I’m not fully aware of the Ontario dairy farmer’s circumstances to comment further regarding this aspect but based on what I have read so far,  that person’s s determined to continue selling raw milk and in fact has a solid customer base.

Some people love the taste of raw milk.  They don’t like the taste of pasteurized milk and perceive it as less nutritious since they believe that all the necessary nutrients had been killed off or removed in the dairy plant. They said that it didn’t kill their ancestors so why should it be a problem for them today?!

Whatever,this topic will still be ongoing in the days to come.

Milk is good for you whether in its pure form or unless you’re lactose intolerant or lactose sensitive ,then other secondary milk products(yogurt,cheese,etc) would be good too.

Got milk?

As the Italians say, Salut!