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During my recent U.S. trip, I heard about the removal of veteran journalist Ann Curry from the TODAY show where she had been for 15 years  as a side anchor  and as co-anchor for the past year. Reportedly,she was blamed for the loss of the #1 ranking of the TODAY show to Good Morning America for the 1st time in 16 years after assuming last year the co-anchor chair.

After witnessing her tearful TV goodbye to the TODAY show viewers, I couldn’t help but feel sick to the stomach as to how they treated this lady after she had showed loyalty to the show for a long time. She was a very good journalist and has a fantastic bedside manner when doing interviews of a very sensitive nature.

What were they thinking? It appears to me that tabloid journalism is in vogue which would guarantee great ratings. Intelligence is definitely out the window. The fact that they brought in Sarah Palin recently as a guest co-host screams out desperation , stupidity and poor taste  on the producers’ part.

Ann, I feel your pain and you really deserve much better. I don’t believe that you’re the sole cause of the problem. They should look over the entire show format which I feel needs a lot of improvement.

Don’t worry. At least now, you’re much better off without them and you can spread your wings better in the realm of real journalism. When you do win a Pulitzer or a Peabody,that’ll be your glory and no one else’s. That’ll be one heck of a silver lining for you!

As to the TODAY show, if the next time, they’re still  not #1, then at least, you can’t be blamed a second time since you won’t be around. Perhaps this time, they’ll pick on Matt Lauer since they’ll be running out of scapegoats.

God bless!