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As an old song goes, “And I’ll see you in September, when summer is gone, have a good time but remember, come back to me when summer is gone”. Sorry , mon ami, for digressing a bit but in context,excluding the romantic theme of that song phrase, it just goes to show that we’re back to the daily grind of life and business.

Fall season will start officially before the end of September and the weather gradually becomes cooler. This also means that the remaining quarter of the current year has arrived. A whole bunch of holidays will be coming in due time and the stores will be reminding us of that as well——(X’mas,Halloween,Thanksgiving,etc). Ah,yes,all for the bottom line!

The color of the leaves should eventually  change to more vibrant colors before they all fall down upon Father Winter’s arrival.

September is really here once again!


Whenever I hear the song lyrics “When I see you in September,when summer is gone…”, it only heralds the upcoming autumn season. It’s the beginning of the final quarter of the current calendar year and an array of events. Aside from the now increasingly nippy air and the  gradual change of leaf colors, one can’t help but think that until the end of this year, festivities would come up like the major holidays–Christmas,New Year’s Eve,Hanukkah(for our Jewish friends),Thanksgiving,etc. Halloween for example is not a major holiday but a great day to party and for trick or treating as well.

For now, September is a month to observe such gradual changes and to take it slow. Enjoy the moment as we always say and conserve your energy because once October comes along, the pace will only start to gain some steam especially after Halloween.

Here in Canada, we celebrate Thanksgiving on the same day as Columbus Day(in the US)–the 2nd Monday of October. After our Thanksgiving, the pace will start to  slowly quicken and after Halloween, it’ll eclipse to a break-neck speed for both Canada and the US in terms of preparing for the upcoming holidays specifically Christmas,New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

I’m quite thankful that the oppressive summer heat wave and humidity is over for now, don’t you,mon ami?