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With the ongoing summer heat wave upon us, absolute comfort is necessary in terms of our clothing and having the fan/AC around us as well. It’s also important to consider what to eat during this time of year too. Sandwiches,salad,cold desserts and other light meals are  usually considered because they take less cooking time and therefore, less heat to feel around. It also is less taxing on our digestive system since it wouldn’t make us feel too heated up after eating. The heavier meal choices are eaten during the cold months so as to get enough heat as well as sustenance into our systems.

What’s more important is to consider your comfort level  in making wise food choices during the summer  months. There’s no such thing as a perfect summer food. It’s influenced greatly by one’s upbringing and cultural background. Also take into consideration your medical history if you have any known food allergies or other medical illnesses  which may affect your food  choices.

Whatever works for you, go for it!

Bon appetit!