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My local Zellers dept store(a Canadian mainstay) is closing its doors for good on March 14. As a result, it’s now on liquidation status with sale prices at an initial maximum of 60% off. Everything has to go, even the store fixings!
I had been there a few times since the start of the new year and it gets more interesting as certain depts gradually look more spacious as its respective store items get bought up. It then makes me wonder if by the time the store posts 90% off sale prices if there’s anything left to be sold at all. Most likely, you’ll only get slim pickings ‘coz all the good items would be gone by then.

My dictum in shopping during a closing-out sale is to buy what I need at discounted prices. Don’t buy something that you don’t need or want just because it’s on sale. Don’t think that the item that you want to buy would still stick around on the last liquidation sales week.

Be ready with the mindset that once you purchase a liquidation sale item that there’s no return nor exchange possible afterwards.

With that in mind, happy shopping!

BTW, my local Zellers will soon be converted to a Target store and will be open in December this year.


Two stores in my neighborhood are soon going on liquidation for different reasons. One of them will be closed to give way to Target which is coming to Canada next year. The other store will be closed because their lease will soon be up in the mall where they’re located due to the fact that the mall will be converted to a civic center.

In light of this,liquidation sales will be arriving soon. They’re really just closing-out sales wherein deep price discounts are given so that the stores can get rid of their inventory. In turn, it’s a boon for the consumer since one can get stuff at great, low prices.

Remember though that once you do make such a purchase,  a sale transaction will be deemed as final. They may even put a pentel slash mark over the receipt so that you can’t even return nor exchange the item that you had just bought. Think first before you buy even if it’s a great bargain.

Remaining inventory may be what’s left and possibly picked over already so in terms of getting a specific size,color,etc., it may not always be the case but if you do get it in your own specifications, then it’s your lucky day!

Happy shopping!