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Is there such a thing such as the mundane chore of shoveling snow? I believe that there’s such a thing as common sense in how to shovel snow. There are techniques on ¬†how to shovel snow as well as how to protect your body from overexerting itself during shoveling.

I have had my share of learning how to approach this chore with careful precision in terms of what kind of winter outerwear that I’m bundled in to the type of shovel that I use as well as to how I position both my body and shovel¬†lest I sustain backaches,etc.

Lately, for the past 2-3 weeks, I have been having a good share of blizzards and snow accumulations reaching up to 2 ft everytime so there has been a good deal of shoveling on my part.

Everybody has their own technique and approach and I always believe that whatever works for you,then do it.

Now if all else fails and if your budget permits, get a snowblower ,LOL.