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Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s sole female and former Prime Minister of Britain has passed away today at age 87 due to a stroke. Considering her past history of strokes, this particular one unfortunately was the most recent and the most fatal.

Much had been said about her long storied political career. I will not go into much detail about that. One can just read it in all the newspapers and online news regarding this.

I want to talk about her as an individual, particularly as a female trying to make a mark in a predominantly male-oriented political venue. She had broken the glass ceiling, being able to become Britain’s first female Prime Minister but this job would entail a lot of testicular fortitude and grit for one to survive it. Mrs. Thatcher definitely wasn’t a wallflower nor a doormat. If she was going to be taken seriously by her male peers, she has to show a spine. She didn’t become the Iron Lady for nothing.

Love her or hate her, she governed Britain with an iron fist with the intention of making Britain a better and sustainable place to live in, particularly with the economy. She was not running a popularity contest. She proved that a female can be as capable as a man in running a country.

No one would ever question her  ardent patriotism to the Union Jack(the British flag) for which every British subject will remember and admire her for it.

One of these days, If the movie “The Iron Lady’ comes out in cable or DVD, one perhaps (even moi) should watch it and get further insight into what makes Margaret Thatcher tick. The actress Meryl Streep who played the Iron Lady did it so convincingly that it even won for her a 3rd Oscar Best Actress award.

Mrs. Thatcher, you had already proven yourself as a strong individual who was taken seriously and had already earned your place in history, not only in Britain but also with the rest of the world.

Rest in peace,Madam!