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With the recent onslaught of topless photos of Kate ,Duchess of Cambridge floating around in  some  European newspapers, I find it infuriating of the invasion of this  poor lady’s privacy. She didn’t deserve such lousy treatment .She didn’t hurt anyone and was just minding her own business. So disrespectful of those minions who are only out to get a quick buck!

Kudos to her husband Prince William,the Duke of Cambridge to come to her defense and lawsuits being filed as a result. A tipping point and a line was drawn on the sand. It’s now war  with the royals and the press!

I have a hunch that this storyline will be drawn out for a while but I’m hoping for the royal couple’s success in giving the guilty press people involved, their just desserts.

Press freedom also involves a certain degree of responsibility or else, it could lead to libel.

I hope that Kate’s determination and resolve to soldier on will not be wavered. It’s going to get pretty nasty before it dies down.

Just my 2 cents on this matter.