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During the month of May,there are 2 national holidays worth noting .

In Canada, every 3rd  Monday of May, we observe Victoria Day(for Queen Victoria’s birthday since Canada is still part of the British Commonwealth).

In the United States, every 4th Monday of May, we observe Memorial Day(for remembering all the deceased).

Both holidays may have different purposes in observance but they both have one similarity in light of the fact that since both holidays occur in May in the North American continent.Around this time, the spring season will gradually come to a close especially when the month of June is just around the corner.

The similarity,mon ami, is that both holidays signify the unofficial start of summer,meaning warmer weather is starting to come around us at this time of year and after the doldrums of both winter and spring, such holidays afford us the chance to take a break from the cold and enjoy the heat in terms of traveling around more and enjoying summer activities that we couldn’t do during the cold season. Firing up the grill is also a given since it’s starting to become too warm to cook inside the kitchen and besides, it’s nice to eat al fresco outdoors whether in your backyard or out at the park. If not barbecuing or preparing lighter fare, improvising your own picnic adventure is highly recommended since it’ll be a wonderful experience, Great for the soul. Same too when heading out to the beach or hiking up the trails.

Another similarity too for both holidays is that it gives everybody an extra day off especially since it becomes an extended weekend with the preceding Saturdays and Sundays attached to both of them respectively.

Whatever, enjoy these respective holidays wherever your neck of the woods may be! You, me and everybody else deserve it!!!