Dear Time Magazine Editor(Sir/Madam)

Near the end of every year, Time Magazine usually chooses among a list of prospective nominees that would be given the title of Time Person of the Year.

That person would be deemed as someone who had influenced society and had left a lasting impact for mankind.

For this year 2020, in my own humble opinion, Sir/Madam Editor, I truly and strongly believe that this year’s Time Person of the Year is not human but a microbe,specifically a virus—-Coronavirus Disease 2019 or aka COVID-19.

It has been with us for almost the entire year and is still ongoing. Worldwide, lifestyle changes are still ongoing and we all keep second-guessing as to how to outwit it so as to survive its deadly sting.

COVID-19 is so powerful that it does not play favorites. Everyone is affected in some way,no exceptions.

But if Sir/Madam Editor,you still would prefer a human nominee, I would recommend the frontline,essential healthcare workers worldwide.

Thank you so much for your time and stay safe!



As we now start the final one-third of 2020,here are my thoughts.

As I see all these lifestyle changes around us in this pandemic year and how it had changed, even permanently at times how we live our lives whether personal or work-wise, I can say this.

Life will never be the same not only in this pandemic year(2020) but hence forth. Life before COVID-19 will never come back,in my opinion.

It is the new normal,folks.

This pandemic happened for a reason. As to what it is, we may know not necessarily now but in the coming days. It is basically a God only knows situation as I see it.

It will be interesting to see how our thoughts of 2020 would be come New Year’s Eve.


On Aug.4,2020, the people of Lebanon had experienced a massive explosion which practically destroyed a great part of their nation’s capital–Beirut.

The cause of this is due to igniting the flames coming from contact with tons of fertilizer stored in a designated storage facilty.

Whether the cause is carelessness or criminal in nature, it has yet to be determined and I hope that an intensive and impartial investigation be implemented in this Middle Eastern country that used to be a former French colony.

In my opinion, the Lebanese folks had already a lot on their plate to deal with—COVID-19, a struggling economy and societal graft & corruption.

My prayers and thoughts go out to all the people in Lebanon.

May justice prevail!


The facial mask is the latest fashion accessory now deemed as part of essential attire in this pandemic year. Another option would be a plastic facial shield.

As we go about our daily lives dealing with COVID-19 and with all the prodding from health and even govt officials to make us aware of the importance of wearing masks, here is what I have to say:

If you are fashion conscious, masks are now available in all sorts of colors and designs. You can even make one yourself either by simple hand sewing or by sewing machine if you so choose.

If you are cost-conscious,making or buying rewashable cloth masks are a good option if the disposable type is not your thing.

Now if cost is not a problem for you and if you are concerned about germs, then the disposable type is your best bet.

There is no excuse not to mask up. Your life depends on it.

It is much easier to wear one and go about your daily life than to be attached to a respirator. Then your quality of life will really suck.

Wearing a mask does not even involve politics nor tauntings from ignorant folks who should know better.

If you get sick with COVID-19, that is it. No one can help you except yourself. If you do get over it, thank God.

But why go through that ,anyway?

Just mask up and say a prayer that all of this will pass as well.

I rest my case.


With the recent weddings of Princess Beatrice of England last July 17 and one of my nieces last July 11,both held this year 2020, I could not help but notice striking similarities between these 2 weddings.

Both of them had original wedding dates but had to be postponed to later dates as well as replanning all the wedding details and implement health safety protocols in light of COVID-19.

Paring down the guest lists(including wedding party) to no more than 50,social distancing, using face masks and shields as need be,etc.

Yet overall, both weddings came out in its simplified form as elegant,memorable and unique for each wedding couple.

Even before formalizing their wedding vows, both couples had already started adjusting as to how they should carry out their respective celebrations of love so as to make it happen at all in this era of COVID-19.

That,my friends,is how married life is already. Love,compromise and adjustment in this everyday reality, we call life.

My heartfelt congratulations to not only my niece and Princess Beatrice but to everyone else who are taking the plunge this 2020!

Not even COVID-19 can stop the wedding celebrations.

My utmost thanks to a small family business based in Dundee Scotland —MadeAt94( to making my wedding and engagement gifts for my niece and her new husband. This company can be seen also on Facebook and on Instagram.

Suffice to say that the newlyweds LOVED the gifts!


With all that has been going on with racial inequality,the Black Lives Matter movement and the need for interracial harmony, one song says it all.

The song titled–-Ebony and Ivory and sung by both music icons–Sir Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder. I heard that song before but I was able to hear it again just recently from one of my neighbors’ car radio and upon going through the lyrics, the message was loud and clear.

We are all the same in some way even though by appearances, we all look different. We are all here in this world and in this life for a purpose.

There is a saying–In unity,there is strength.

Please bear all of these thoughts in mind. It has been long overdue and would require the utmost initiative and action.


As those folks who know me, I love music especially in singing. As we go through the gradual phase-in of a new normal c/o COVID-19,pending the emergence of a vaccine, here is a short playlist of songs which describes what I think and feel about these changes—-

As I go into a store that has already reopened after a few months,the salespeople would greet me “Welcome back”–cue in the theme song from Welcome Back Kotter.

As I see a grandparent giving finally hugs and kisses to his/her grandchild after being quarantined and locked down, I hear the song lyrics from 3 songs—Reunited—by Peaches & Herb ,When Will I See You Again by Three Degrees and Together Again originally sung by Emmylou Harris though I also liked Martina Mcbride’s version as well.

As I walk down the street and even with social distancing still in place, at least I am not in quarantine, the song from the movie Flashdance (What A Feeling)comes to mind and if I feel like dancing, I imagine Kevin Bacon dancing to Kenny Loggins’ song Footloose.

Keep your chin up,folks! We can do this! Stay safe!


To the graduates of 2020, when you look back on this year 2020 sometime in the future, not only has it been a pandemic year(thanks to COVID-19 aka coronavirus) for which you all had to learn life-coping ,survival skills as well as trying to complete your education by virtual/digital learning amidst sacrificing from seeing your schoolmates ,teachers and peers due to social distancing,self- isolation,quarantine and lockdown.

You all made it this far and had shown the entire world that you came out of this a much stronger group of people,ready to face a brave,new world in the era of COVID-19.

The struggle in coping with COVID-19 will still continue but at least now, you are all no longer neophytes in dealing with this festering ,unseen virus.

You all deserve to celebrate it via your own improvised forms of the senior prom(high-schoolers),other graduation parties as well as the graduation ceremonies.

Congratulations to all of you!

We are all in this together and stay safe!


Amidst our constant surveillance and vigilance in protecting ourselves from the ever invisible COVID-19(coronavirus), a tragedy had fallen on Portapique,Nova Scotia and its neighboring towns in this part of the Maritime areas of Canada.

On the early hours of April 19,2020, a lone gunman had gone on an almost 12 hour shooting rampage,mostly random along a stretch of highways and neighboring towns and centering on a rural community–Portapique,Nova Scotia. Total number of victims gunned down so far—18 and may still potentially go up since around a total of 16 crime scenes so far had been identified. Among the deceased was a female Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)officer as well as the gunman.

Overall investigation will obviously take some time to be completed.

In the meantime,ongoing  plans to honor the dead with social distancing in mind are being made. Virtual memorial services are the current norm.

My home province is just next door to the province of Nova Scotia. As a fellow Maritimer, I feel your pain and my heart,thoughts and prayers goes out to everybody there.

I do hope that you will get some degree of closure even though you will be honoring the dead in a much different way because of COVID-19.

Nevertheless, please know, we do care. We are all coming together for all of you and we will all get through this,COVID-19 notwithstanding.
















For full disclosure,being  Catholic, I observe Holy Week which starts this week,For our Jewish friends, Passover starts  within this week as well.

Dealing with COVID-19 aka coronavirus is quite challenging for everyone.If I were to pin point  Christian religious connections, dealing with this virus is like observing the Way of the Cross, the Crucifixion and observance of Lent and abstinence.

I consider Easter as the time for  the Resurrection of Christ as well as hopefully in due time, liberation from COVID-19 as a religious analogy as well.

Even the observance of Passover is analogous to being locked down in one’s home as the Angel of Death went through Egypt and passed through all male Jewish firstborns because prior precautions had been made.( Eating lamb and unleavened bread and smearing the front door with blood.)

With COVID-19, if we consistently followed all prior sanitary precautions, that virus will hopefully pass over us by as we continue our lockdown and social distancing.

Easter 2020 in this COVID-19 era is special since the essence of Lent and repentance has been observed in someway. Considering that all non-essential services have been temporarily stopped and only essential services are open for our basic needs only drives home the point the ff :

We need to reflect on what our life priorities really are and to not emphasize too much on the frivolities. This would mean  good balancing responsibilities and having periods of leisure.

We cannot afford to procrastinate since we do not know what tomorrow will bring to us which we may not have control anyway.

We go on living our life with purpose day by day which will give us personal fulfillment and not any personal regret.

Even once Easter 2020 passes by, such life principles need to be followed. Lifestyle changes due to social distancing has now changed how we attend church service, much less any incoming Easter egg hunt.

To all my fellow bloggers who observe other religions, may you have a fruitful and blessed coming of days as we all deal with COVID-19.