I read in today’s article written by James Mallory of the paper called THE NORTHERN LIGHT regarding former reptile shop owner Jean-Claude Savoie, the prime suspect in this ongoing case of the 2 brothers Connor(6 yrs old) and Noah Barthe(4 yrs old) having died from strangulation by a 45 kg African rock python (owned by Mr. Savoie.)on Aug. 5, 2013 in his apartment above the now closed  reptile shop. He faces a single charge of criminal  negligence causing death which carries a maximum life sentence.

The preliminary inquiry is scheduled today until Nov. 27,2015. His lawyer Leslie Matchim said that his client Mr. Savoie will not attend such hearing due to a specific order requested by the client and which was approved bu the judge(Brigitte)Sivret.

The  preliminary  inquiry will be held in Campbellton provincial court. If enough evidence is found to go to trial, the case will then be sent to the Court of Queen’s Bench. only then will the client enter a plea.

Last April 2015,Mr. Savoie elected for a jury trial.

Last  June 2015, a task force appointed by the provincial govt in light of this case,called for immediate inspection of all exotic animal stores and better regulation enforcement of exotic species.

Will post more details as they become more available.



Whenever I think of Paris in the country of France, thoughts  come out like the City of Lights, where the Eiffel Tower stands tall, the city where haute couture originates from as well as Cordon Bleu cuisine,croissant. and foie gras,etc.

If I were to describe Paris as a person, I would think of the city as a woman specifically a femme fatale aka bombshell. I would envision her dressed in the latest Parisian haute couture, fully coiffed,wearing stiletto heels and displaying a voluptuous figure in spite of feasting on highly fattening French cuisine. She would appear worldy,sophisticated,assertive and displaying a mentality of joie de vivre(joy of life). In essence, she would appear as if she owns the world as her oyster.

In spite of this, she does maintain some degree of innocence beneath that exterior which unfortunately came out and was shaken when on Nov. 13, 2015(Friday the 13th in fact), some Islamic extremists groups began bombing and shooting throngs of people enjoying the essence of Parisian leisure in specific venues like the outdoor cafes,stadiums,theatres,restaurants,etc.

All the news updates that followed through were very unsettling which shows that we now live in a new normal that is, being aware that terrorism continues to exist.

I just hope that the country of France especially the city of Paris would pick up the pieces and soldier on. I would like to see the Eiffel Tower be lighted again and the mentality of joie de vivre return, perhaps not totally  the same as before nut stronger and more refined for today’s times.

My prayers go out to them!

Vive le France,mon ami!



Yesterday, Oct. 19, 2015  will go down in Canadian politics as historic in so many ways.

It was the longest federal election campaign –78 days—in Canadian politics to elect a  prime minister whether new or as  a re-elect. Usually, any Canadian election whether federal ,provincial or municipal only takes a 30 day election campaign.( I know,I know…in the US, it’s almost a 6 month primary season and almost 6-9 month presidential campaign period) My hat goes to the Americans for their fortitude till they finally cast their ballots.

Justin Pierre James Trudeau, the 43 year old son of the late former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau has just won a sweeping Liberal Party majority win to become Canada’s 23rd prime minister, the official swearing -in scheduled for Nov. 4.

Justin Trudeau becomes part of the first political family dynasty in Canada–father-son tandem to become both prime ministers in their lifetime.

Mr. Trudeau’s political savvy as the leader of his Liberal Party was evidenced in his ability to lift his Liberal Party back to prominence after finishing in 3rd place in the last federal election in 2011.

With his telegenic looks as well as having also a telegenic family, it reminds me of the Kennedys. Their celebrity status will be as frequently reported as the political news revolving around them.

I wrote a blog dated on 10/3/12  titled Justin Trudeau ,Future Prime Minister of Canada? Yes, the title  had a question mark but I had predicted at that time that one day, he will become prime minister. I didn’t expect it to be this soon but I guess, Canada needs a change and to be reinstated once again to the world stage for what it stands for—an openly friendly, optimistic and empathic nation.

I wish him luck and congratulations on his win. He definitely will need it as he eventually will start working on getting Canada back on its feet.

His father started Trudeaumania   47 years ago(served 16 years as prime minister) and still remains as one of Canada’s most popular prime ministers even after his death in 2000.

Justin Trudeau whom I would compare to the American political celebrity, the late John Kennedy Jr. has already in fact amplified Trudeaumania but in his own way—therefore, it’s Trudeaumania 2.0.


Accdg. to the latest New Brunswick provincial news, a $175000 commitment payment towards a Campbellton playground will be built in honor of 4 year old Noah and 6 year old  Connor Barthe who were found dead in August 2013 inside a Campbellton apartment where they were staying for a sleepover. The apartment was located on top of a reptile store.They died from strangulation to a 45 lb African rock python which escaped from its glass tank through a vent and slithered through a ventilation pipe and somehow reached the 2 boys while they were both sleeping.

A campground is also being built to the city’s waterfront as well with a dog park and playground planned to be built together alongside.

The playground should be in place by next summer.

Meanwhile, Jean-Claude Savoie,the former reptile shop owner  and now based in Montreal,Quebec has been charged with criminal negligence causing death after the 2 boys died in his apartment. He’s due to appear on Nov. 24,2015 for a preliminary hearing. If convicted, he could face a maximum life sentence.


As per latest news reports in the province of New Brunswick in Canada , an appointed provincial task force released 29 recommendations designed to improve safety governing exotic animals in the province.

All 29 recommendations were accepted by the DNR(Dept. of Natural Resources) and a committee will be established to implement all of them.(No specific timeline has been implemented yet regarding this but hopefully will be in place as soon as possible).

This task force was built up in 2014 after the 2 Barthe brothers(Noah and Connor) were asphyxiated by an African rock python in August 2013.

It also calls for establishment of inspection standards and criteria for all categories of exotic animal keepers.

It also requests a wide public education initiative addressing laws associated dangers, legal species and challenges of owning exotic species.

The New Brunswick Veterinary Medical Association members have been requested to be made aware of all approved exotic animals in New Brunswick and to report any prohibited exotic animals as well.

An advisory committee is also requested to periodically review the exempted list(exotic animals allowed without a permit) and make changes accordingly specifically  on turtles and 9 boa constrictor species that are listed. It will be up to ths committee to determine which animals should be on the exempt list.

Recommendations to have law enforcement have the authority to issue tickets in response to incidents or offences related to exotic animals.

It isn’t yet sure at this point what available govt resources would be in place or available to put these recommendations in fruition but that the necessary personnel who will be in place will already have received the additional training or different task distributions.

This report was never intended as the authorities had said to point blame on anyone but to put something positive in place to prevent a future tragedy. They also said that all stakeholders involved will be held accountable to make sure all these recommendations get implemented.

Accdg. to the boys’ grandfather it’ll never  complete the healing process of grief for these 2 boys but hope that all these recommendations do get enforced.

My thoughts exactly! God bless their souls!


Yesterday,April 27,2015 as scheduled,Jean-Claude Savoie,former owner of Reptile Ocean in Campbellton,New Brunswick,Canada  was served  by the Campbellton Provincial Court a single charge of criminal negligence causing the deaths of Noah and Connor Barthe by an African rock python on Aug. 5,2013.

Mr. Savoie(now living in Montreal,Quebec,Canada) wasn’t present in court but represented  by his lawyer Leslie Matchim who appeared before Judge Steven Hutchinson and elected trial by judge and jury in New Brunswick Court of Queen’s Bench.

A preliminary inquiry will then proceed and to be held from Nov. 24-27 this year so as to determine by that time  if there’s enough evidence to further proceed to a trial. If the presiding judge by that time so determines it to be so, the case will be sent to the Court of Queen’s Bench.

No plea was entered because accdg. to Mr. Matchim, this is normal because the charge is an indictable offence where Mr. Savoie had the choice of being tried wither in provincial court by a judge or in the Court of Queen’s Bench with or without a jury. Accdg. also to Mr. Matchim,having the preliminary inquiry is optional but he decided to take it up. He said that Mr. Savoie wasn’t required to appear yesterday,being only a procedural appearance but will have to appear at the preliminary inquiry.

More updates to follow once available.


March 31,2015

Today’s newspaper in my Canadian home province revealed that yesterday, Jean-Claude Savoie was charged with criminal negligence for the deaths of 4 year old Noah and 6 year old Connor Barthe,2 young Campbellton boys living in the province of New Brunswick in Canada.

The 2 boys  accdg to autopsy reports ,had died  as a result of being asphyxiated by a 45 kg African rock python that was being housed in the same apartment where they stayed for a sleepover. It was located above the reptile store which Savoie owned—called Reptile Ocean.

Sleepovers of this nature was done repeatedly in the past by these 2 boys since they were friends with Savoie’s young son.

As per RCMP reports, it was believed that the python escaped from its closure,falling through the ceiling near where the 2 boys were sleeping on the floor.

After this incident, Savoie left Campbellton to be with family members who are based in Montreal,Quebec.

As for Reptile Ocean, 27 reptiles were seized by the New Brunswick Dept. of Natural Resources. Majority were distributed to other Canadian zoos but 4 of these reptiles were put down when no zoo would take them.

Jean-Claude Savoie will appear in Campbellton provincial court on April 27,2015.



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