Dear Majesty,

I heard the sad news of your passing today. Though the news have constantly mentioned your health issues from time to time, your passing today felt sudden to me.

I have only known you as the English monarch ever since I was a little girl. You have been our Canadian head of state for 70 years, a feat non parallel.

I guess change is never easy and me and the rest of your subjects will have to adapt accordingly.

You accepted the monarchy job, took it head-on and never looked back. You performed the job as Queen seriously and exuded class and respect, not only in the United Kingdom but also to the rest of the world.

I am sure that wherever you are now with your late husband Prince Phillip, that you will be humbly surprised by all the platitudes that are now poring in for you.

You deserve it, Your Majesty!

Thank you for your service and Godspeed!



I just received news of your passing, Ms. Olivia Newton John and my thoughts and prayers go to your family in this very difficult time.

I will always remember you as the girl next door type– pretty, blond. blue-eyed and with a cheerful personality. No diva mentality. Very friendly and down-to-earth. You carried that kind of persona as you had bravely fought cancer all these years.

I grew up with your music as I go through some of life’s routines.

Whether trying to stay healthy through the songs “Let’s Get Physical” /”You Are The One That I Want”(Grease)as I do my constant workouts or relaxing through the songs “Magic” or “Suddenly”, you had been part of my life.

As you finally are heading to the afterlife to a place that you call your own Xanadu, just know that me and your legion of fans will always be Hopelessly Devoted To You!

Your enduring legacy is not only your music but your advocacy in fighting cancer through research and animal protection.



I recently watched the movie titled “Elvis” and after which it left me with the ff. impressions:

The movie depicts the personal struggles and triumphs of Elvis Presley as he eventually becomes an overnight sensation— an American icon with the title of the King of Rock and Roll as well as a worldwide phenomenon. The movie was narrated through the eyes of his former manager , the late Col. Tom Parker as played by actor Tom Hanks. Elvis’ personal relationships with Col Parker and his ex-wife Priscilla Presley as played by actress Olivia De Jonge as well as with his parents were complicated but which defined his persona as a man striving for the Great American Dream as well as who he is as an individual to all of them. Overall, the movie also shows him being a regular man and with human limitations. The historical details regarding the assassinations of both MLK and RFK have also brought out in Elvis his spirit of activism and the desire for change which would hopefully lead to a peaceful world. His song If I Can Dream says it all. As he said, if it was too dangerous to speak, just sing.

Regarding his talent as a singer and eventually, also as an actor, he appeared versatile and can tackle any genre given to him. Being able to sing as well as dance with his hips and legs was no mean feat. It would take a lot of attention and concentration to be able to pull it off successfully.

In my own personal opinion, Elvis is the total entertainer, the complete package— handsome, relatable to his audience ,talented and versatile in all musical genres, also partly influenced by his love of African-American music and his soulful rendition of every song sung which is partly influenced by his love for Gospel music.

The young actor Austin Butler did a fantastic job delivering the Elvis persona. He may not look like Elvis and definitely, he is no Elvis impersonator either. He did capture the essence of Elvis to the point that he made me believe that he IS Elvis Presley. Now that is good acting, deserving of a Best Actor Award. Even the Presley family were impressed and felt that the movie actually depicted Elvis as who he really was.

I have always loved Elvis Presley and his music/movies. There will never be another one like him—ever.

His greatest fear was that he will be forgotten once he is gone and all his music will disappear for nothing.

The big irony is that he is still remembered up to now with his music still being played all over the world and he is still considered the greatest singing icon of all time, even in death.

To paraphrase some of his songs—He did things his way {My Way), he is a sight to behold(The Wonder of You) and he is unforgettable(I’ll Remember You).

Take a bow, Mr. Presley! Wherever you are now, I am quite sure that you are very happy to know that your legacy will live on !!!


On June 24,2022, the Unites States Supreme Court by a majority vote had overturned the ruling on Roe vs. Wade (1973) regarding legalization of abortion.

Reactions were fast and furious among pro -choice, pro-abortion and anti-abortion activists. We will be hearing more from them in the coming days and I would not be surprised that it would become a US election wedge issue.

Consequences will arise from this.

Which US state will still allow abortions? Will this mean that 1 woman will have to cross statelines to have the procedure done without the risk of being arrested? Would she come up north here in Canada where abortion is still legal?

What about those women who need therapeutic abortions(still birth, massive uterine bleeding, victims of rape and incest?)Would they be punished as well just because they need the procedure for both physical and mental survival?

Would religious beliefs clash now with government rulings? The premise of the separation of church and state comes into play as well. Cultural beliefs and customs will be in conflict as well.

I pray that further clarification on all sides be made swiftly so that further strife can be prevented.


Dear Mr. Bruce Willis,

Once I heard about your recent retirement from showbiz due to medical reasons ( aphasia), I could not help but think that you have to deal with this head-on .

I had watched all your Die Hard movies and your main character alter-ego John McClane had to be the lone wolf battling all those evil forces, the David vs. Goliath scenarios, the everyday Joe put into the wrong place, wrong time situations but with spunk, wit and determination, would always come out to save the day.

The only difference this time is that you will be not alone in your dealing with aphasia. You have the love and support of your family and especially your friends and fans , all rooting for you to come out of this a much stronger person. Like your main character, you will do your darn best to make this happen.

Lifting out some of your best John McClane quotes—

Contrary to 1 quote that you said that you gained nothing from being a hero, you had earned our love and respect as you dealt with the bad guys on the big screen as well as offscreen.

If we ever find you on the beach coastline, we can possibly drop by, say hello and have a few laughs.

And finally, as you face this latest medical scenario, we all together with you will voice out your famous trademark battlecry– Yippee-ki-yay!



After 2 years of Hollywood dealing with COVID-19 as well as virtual and pandemic- restricted Oscar presentations, last Sunday(March 27,2022) was the first time that a live audience will be delivered with a Red Carpet for the movie fans to see as well.

The desire to boost TV ratings on the Oscars(aka Academy Awards) got an unexpected boost from an unfortunate moment during the show—the Will Smith slap on Chris Rock. And to think that the Academy for Film and Motion Pictures is regarded as an esteemed institution highly intolerant of any misbehaviors.

No need for me to go into explicit detail as to what happened. The press, Youtube,TikTok,etc.has taken cared of that.

What I want to discuss are the numerous dynamics that came into play to this unfortunate event.

Chris Rock–He had already joked about Jada Pinkett-Smith in the past. Was he right in joking about her hairstyle as a result of her medical condition(alopecia areata)? Was it politically correct to begin with? Jada has always made it public about her condition. Does this mean that all comedians now must be very careful lest they will suffer a copycat response during ther own comedy gigs? It was noble of him to decline pressing charges at this time. I bet that he must have given a lot of thought that he should not have gone there especially since that joke was not even in the script.

Will Smith— Initially, he took it in stride but after seeing his wife cringing from Chris’ joke, he got very emotional and reacted by going upstage and slapped Chris because he wanted to vindicate his wife out of love. For one moment, he must have forgotten that being in an Oscars show, he has to show a certain degree of decorum and being up for a possible Best Actor Award, he has to show himself as being a good role model since a lot of folks look up to him as well. His fellow actor Denzel Washington said it best that the devil will come after us at our highest life points and being cautious about this is imperative.

Taking into account what I witnessed on the TV screen, what happens now? What will the Academy do? They obviously do not want a sequel to this event for next year. I hate to think that some trolls will tune in next year to hopefully witness Part 2. That would be an artificial boost of ratings in my opinion.

It would be nice if there would be a public joining of forces with these 2 gentlemen,making amends and going forward with a much better perspective. Perhaps, both of them together on stage being presenters irregardless of which type of awards show, as a sign of solidarity.

This is indeed a teachable moment for everyone concerned.

We do live in interesting times, indeed.

March 2022—As we see the world unfold before us all,one could not help but to observe and to contemplate the ff:

The ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis– as this ongoing heart-wrenching human interest story continue to unfold wth no end in sight yet, the effects coming from this in terms of ongoing inflation, oil-gas prices soaring, loss of lives from this ongoing civil war,remedies are still being considered constantly.

What would it be? Price control? Depending on local oil resources and not be too dependent on Russia? Human rights tribunal putting an end to this ongoing war crime of humanity? Depending on electric cars instead of those run by diesel or premium? (Paging Elon Musk of Tesla for a discount! Wait! He is trying to challenge Vladimir Putin to a duel and the price is Ukraine. Good luck on that, Sir!)

And of course, the ongoing changes in restrictions regarding COVID-19. The light at the end of the tunnel is coming. Hang on tight,folks!

As the Miss Congeniality movie states, “We just want world peace.” We really do it need it now!

St . Patrick’s Day is coming up (March 17). We need a drink to toast for change in this ever turbulent world of ours.

Prayer helps too! Amen to that !


Betty White, an accomplished American comedic icon had just passed away this past New Year’s Eve. She was just 17 days shy of her 100th birthday for this month of January 2022.

I will always remember her witty smile and optimistic disposition.

To Miss Betty, wherever you are, I am very sure that you are now with your beloved husband up there in Heaven.

Thank you for entertaining us with your great comedic timing as well as giving us valuable life lessons.

You are the last Golden Girl who finally had finished your life’s work here and now is also entertaining up there in the Great Beyond with your other fellow Golden Girls who departed before you.

To paraphrase a byline from your show, on behalf of me and the rest of your fans, we thank you for being our friend!!!!

We give you a toast though I am sure you would prefer vodka, 1 hotdog on the side and 1 licorice stick to boot.


Where I live, they started implementing the use of COVID-19 vaccination cards which would ensure entry into places that provide non-essential services. Call it whatever—vaccination passports, apps for proof of vaccination records as the case may be, etc. I even heard stories of people on online dating sites stating that they are COVID-19 free. Even applying for a new job or even keeping a current one would require proof of vaccination pending any medical exemptions.

It s now, I guess the new normal until COVID-19 is fully eradicated. What a lifestyle change, indeed!

One practically has to bring it every time just in case someone at the door(aka “Vac ID bouncer”) wants to see it. It makes one feel as a teenager or baby-faced adult being carded at the pub entrance. I heard stores of probably unvaccinated folks being rude to the staffer screening them.

There is no need for rudeness, guys. The staffer is just doing his job. Nothing personal about that. What you can all do is get a doctor’s certificate stating why you cannot get the COVID-19 vaccine. Problem solved!

My local Staples store ,I heard had been having a heavy lineup lately because a lot of the local folks have been having their COVID-19 vaccination cards be laminated.

You really cannot leave home without that card, my apologies to American Express!


My brother recently texted me (July 26) regarding the Philippines’ first Olympic gold medal finally won after a 97 year drought of no-wins since joining the Olympics.

It happened in Tokyo this year labelled as Tokyo 2020 Olympics because of the COVID-19 delay.

It was won by 30 year old Zamboanga City native Hidilyn Diaz in the weightlifting division. She won it in the 55 kg division in weightlifting specifically in the clean and jerk. She also achieved an Olympic record lift of 127 kg at that moment.

She now has the status now equal to that of a Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquaio.

She plans to continue her weightlifting career and to be an inspiration to all Filipinos —that nothing is impossible in this life.

.I was born and raised in the Philippines so I am fully aware that the Philippine sports programs there need more improvement and funding so as to be able to support its athletes. With such support comes great chances of achieving excellence in any sports competition –local or worldwide. Hopefully, this Olympic gold medal win will serve as a catalyst for sports program reform there in the very near future.

Even though I now live in Canada, I still have a soft spot for that country in Southeast Asia.

I also heard that Hidilyn is also a member of the military and because of her win, has just been promoted to Sergeant.


Your initials are HD—for me, it will mean High Definition win!