Helping the Hurricane Sandy Victims

It has been a little over 2 weeks since Hurricane Sandy had hit the eastern part of the United States  particularly the northeastern  region—known as the tri-state area(New York,New Jersey and Connecticut with the former 2 the hardest hit). Not to mention a recent Nor’easter that hit the area too and covered much of the debri around.

The victims of Hurricane Sandy are still trying to pick up the pieces of their lives which was profoundly altered by the superstorm amidst dealing with frustrating delays and slow resumption of basic services particularly in the suburban and far-reaching areas. The urban areas fared much better in this regard. Thank goodness for the press who still keep tabs with these suffering folks and highlight any significant delays/problems so that all concerned politicians and authorities will be put on notice and compelled to act right away for these folks.

It was heartwarming though to see people from all walks of life and some from out of state coming in to help out. Examples would be some of the NYC marathoners who went to Staten Island to help out the victims when informed that the annual NYC marathin was cancelled this year; a group of folks from New Orleans coming in to help since they empathize having gone through Hurricane Katrina themselves as well as the Occupy Wall Street folks who call this current mission as Occupy Sandy. These are just a few of concerned helpful folks since the others are too many to be mentioned by name but appreciated nevertheless.

Of course ,FEMA, the American Red Cross and other government agencies–state and federal are involved as well.

For us ordinary folks who can’t travel there to help out, we can donate to reputable organizations like the Red Cross for example. Cash donations I think would be more appropriate since the Red Cross would know what are the specific items  that a hard-hit region would need and purchasing them would be easier to do than dealing with a lot of donated stuff which may be problematic in terms of storage space to put them in.

Beware of scam artists whether in person or online who would sadly take advantage of getting your money at the expense of the Hurricane Sandy victims.  Recent news reports have said so. Some folks really have NO SHAME at all! Sacre bleu!

In line of this, it’s very important that there be a lot of transparency as to how all cash donations to Hurricane Sandy  victims are allocated considering the very  sizable amount being received all these past 2 weeks. With victims’ advocate groups and the media involved, all concerned authorities please take note!

Just my 2 cents on this matter.


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