The Postal System in This Current Hi-Tech Era

In spite of the advent of electronic telecommunications like e-mail,chatting on line, texting by smartphone, etc., we still have paper mail (aka snail mail) since they’re still the cheapest means to send a letter or an advertisement flyer from a business organization.

The post office has had its days and is now  in stiff competition with private couriers like UPS,Fedex,DHL,Purolator,etc. in offering parcel services especially in light of this new era of online shopping. Considering that the volume of paper mail has diminished nowadays, definitely, it’s important for the post office to get diverse in their business strategies.

I heard about the United States Postal Service  for example ,even planning to release USPS inspired clothing line to help boost their revenue.

I wonder what  Benjamin Franklin, the 1st U.S. postmaster general would say about this?

Whatever happens, paper mail will still stay because it still has its relevancy even in modern times. There are certain things that paper mail can offer versus electronic mail(e-mail as we know it) like delivering documents containing sensitive/private information for example.

Another  thing is that we get to actually touch and see what we receive in the mail. An added bonus would be meeting your friendly postman if you do get the chance to see him bring your mail to you. That’s the personal touch for you,courtesy of  your local post office.( Even the courier drivers provide the same service with a smile if you happen to be at home when they deliver that parcel to you.)


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