Mass Shootout near Texas A and M Campus

I’m becoming more dumbfounded since for the past 2 and  2 and a  half weeks, a 3rd mass shootout had  occurred in the U.S., this time in an apartment building 1 block away from the campus of Texas A & M in College Station,Texas,USA.  First was in a moviehouse in  Aurora,Colorado and the most recent one was just 1 week ago at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek,Wisconsin.

The report stated that a little after 12 noon today(Central  Time in Texas), a police officer went to an apartment to serve someone an eviction notice. The person concerned apparently responded by fatally shooting the officer with automatic weapons.

He continued shooting nevertheless as he attempted to flee and in the process, 3 people died including the police officer and the suspected gunman himself. Apparently,he was shot by other police officers, was taken into custody and later died. 4 others including 3 police officers and 1 female civilian were also wounded in the process.

Would an ongoing discussion regarding gun use and its  regulation and the right to carry arms for self-defense finally  come into fore? Are the politicians finally going to do it? Or are they more concerned that  dealing  into that issue would cost them their reelection bids in the near future? Perhaps, if one of their relatives had  become a direct victim of such an atrocity, they’ll sing a different tune. Just saying.

It’s very appalling to see 3 mass shooting episodes in so short a time.

Has frustration with society already made some folks deal with their problems solely by answering with gunshots? I doubt one can substantially achieve answers to their problems in this way.

Nevertheless, it shows that it has become a very serious social problem which will not go away anytime soon , not with the lack of effort to rectify the situation at all.

I wouldn’t hold my breath on that.


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