Easter Sunday

Easter is a Christian festival when Jesus Christ’s return to life is celebrated on a Sunday in March or April, thus the coined term Easter Sunday.

As we all know, Christ had risen from the dead on the 3rd day after His crucifixion. It gives us this pondering thought that there’ll always be hope after the darkness of despair. It’s a celebration of life itself,a new beginning which would be timely in terms of a new season called spring. A period of renewal indeed.

Other Easter items that came up probably were products of  the western world . One would be called the Easter egg. It’s made of chocolate and shaped into that of an egg that is given as a present at Easter. In some countries, Easter eggs are hidden and the children would then start looking for them. In other parts of the world, they would use hard-boiled eggs and paint the eggshells in all kinds of colors and designs before hiding them for the Easter egg hunt. Another would be the Easter bunny, an unofficial ambassador of the Easter spirit, IMO.

Easter Sunday is a happy day and we celebrate it the best way we can, affirming our relationship with God, our fellowmen and ourselves as God’s children.

Happy Easter, everbody!

Joyeux Pacques, mon ami!


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