PS Flight 752 Victims–My Perspective

January 8,2020 will go down in the annals of Canadian history because 57 Iranian-Canadians were among the 176 passengers who all perished in a plane crash on PS Flight 752 which  happened just 4 minutes after takeoff.

The Iranian government had finally admitted (amidst reliable intelligence reports) and conveyed the message to our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that it was a tragic mistake from the Iranian military to shoot down PS Flight 752 with a missile.It was a case of increased hypersensitivity of their electronic equipment in misidentifying the plane as an enemy presence. I just wonder and even from other folks as to why they still continue to allow commercial air travel so close to the military airspace.

All this hypervigilance has been widely speculated as a byproduct of the ongoing US-Iran conflict wherein a very   prominent Iranian military official was taken out by US forces .

All I can say is that what had happened to all the passengers on that plane appears to be an unfortunate collateral damage stemming from that ongoing US-Iran conflict. As to who really is at fault or who had really instigated it, I have my own private opinions about it. However, I do believe in karma.

I could only imagine the utmost grief from all of the victims’ families and friends with the way their loved ones had died. The healing and moving-on process will be very difficult and will take a  long time. No amount of monetary compensation will bring them back alive but at least the money will  help the relatives  continue to live their daily lives. Most of them wanted justice for the deceased.

It was right for Prime Minister Trudeau to tell Iranian President Rouhani about the need for monetary compensation for the victims’relatives as well as the need for a full and thorough investigation of the plane crash. At this time,Iran had already allowed foreign aviation,disaster and forensic specialists to come to Iran for that purpose.

Today, January 12,2020,memorial services in various parts of Canada for the PS Flight 752 victims had already started. Even though all the victims’ bodies haven’t been retrieved yet for burial purposes, due to Muslim tradition,the 3 day window to honor the dead had already begun with the memorial services.

Such a tragedy really makes one be grounded and realistic and not get into the petty, immature,trivial  and frivolous politicking.

My heart goes out to the PS Flight 752 victims and their families and friends. May their deaths not be in vain and hopefully ,justice will prevail.



  1. How many more of these so – called mistakes can we allow to happen?

    • I will not use the word—NEVER–in this case, it could still happen again,sadly. Happy to hear from you, Malcolm again. Glad that heart surgery of yours is already out of the way.

      • It is not, I am still awaiting a date for my operation.

      • I see. Well, at least you will have more time in preparing physically for the surgery.

  2. It’s absurd how two states can flex their might, but as ever, it is always the civilians who lose lives, homes and their loved ones. From this stance, I can only conclude that the so called War is actually waged against the civilians rather than a state or country… after all what is a state or country if not a symbolic legal entity…
    I cannot consider this a mistake at all.

    • I hear you. I myself think that what had happened had been planned and thought through . Considering the history of human rights record, the thing speaks for itself.

      • No coincidence here at all…. the warring parties are both complicit (i’m i going further here thinking its the two parties rather than one?)

      • I am not going that far at this time because both parties are not getting along. Being complicit is more complicated and proving it will be really hard.

      • Thank you .It is quite hard to come to definite conclusions especially since you nor I are physically in that country to see the actual situation and even that can be complicated too.

  3. When there is a war like situation, government should have blocked the concerned airspace being used by passenger air planes. Lives are precious and we can’t get it back. It’s not enough just to admit something as a mistake when people are concerned

    • They should have known better, Grave oversight. It was an accident waiting to happen but I guess in a fog of war, common sense flies out of the window.

  4. War always results in the destruction of innocent life. Even the *preparation* for war destroys innocent lives (e.g., dangerous training exercises). We ask questions framed like this: “Who would win the war?” The answer is always the same: No-one “wins” a war. There are big losers and bigger losers. That’s it. And in war the first casualty, as someone famous once said, is always the truth.

  5. Well stated Josie! Also, 2020, a year that has began with plane crashes!😨

    • Looking back in Jan. 2020, like you ,I saw plane crashes.In addition, Brexit, Megxit,wars, coronavirus, awful blizzards,political unrest, unstable economy,etc. And 2020 has not even reached the quarterly part YET. Probably have to consult the Chinese Lunar New Year charting—this year is Year of the Rat. i better consult with my Chinese relatives about this. I hope for better omens.

      • Maybe there can be improvements in our human conditions, if we ourselves improve. 😕

      • Yes, but it will have to take a lot of folks and not just a few to make it happen. Also,the motivation factor has to be there. As the saying goes, where there’s a will, there’s a way. If we do not make effort nor want to do it, we will find a lot of excuses not to do it.The current world situation is kind of complex and may take more than 1 solution to solve it.

      • God can make it happen! I have never seen the world in so much confusion. Even with the gifts from man’s knowledge, man has become more greedy, wicked and confused!🥺

      • He can but I think that He wants mankind to do their thing too. God helps those who help themselves. Things happen for a reason and it will be settled on God’s time too.For now,we will just have to do our best efforts,hope for the best,prepare for the worst and pray.

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